A woman's heart beats faster than men's due

Canadian researchers have discovered why the rhythm of a woman's heart rate faster than men's. It turns out that our bodies react to different hours, and the female hormone estrogen affects the heart rate.

Researchers in Canada have found that male and female bodies are subject to a different course of time. In women, the circadian rhythms of approximately 1.7 - 2.3 hours ahead of men. This means that women will get tired in the evenings, as established researchers from Lancaster University. According to them, differences of this kind, to a greater extent due to the influence of sex hormones.

These hormones affect human health in many ways, starting with a rate of hair growth and ending frequency of blinking, and the rate of digestion of food and alcohol. For example, female digestive system requires 20% more time to process the obtained food compared to men. The reason for this lies in the fact that women have smaller stomachs which produce minimal amounts of acid required for digestion of food. But the rate of digestion is also associated with estrogen, which, according to some scholars, produces a relaxing effect on the intestines, changing the composition of the digestive bile, produced by the gall bladder. As a result, there is less of salts that dissolve food.

A woman's heart is the size of two-thirds of the male heart. The average weight of a woman's heart is 120 grams and the male - 180 g Because of the small size of a woman's heart beats faster than a few male. If the heart rhythm to average male heart is 70-72 beats per minute, the women, the figure is between 78 and 82 beats.

Finally, women are also more likely to blink - about 14.9 times per minute, compared with 14.5 times for men. Again, this is due to increased levels of estrogen, which stimulates the production of lubricants, falling into his eyes. In fact, women with levels blinking indicator estrogen increased (taking oral contraceptives), an average of 19.6 times per minute.