5 Named the most dangerous diets 2016

The worst diet last year, commented on the American experts in the field of nutrition.


This diet includes a 10-day course, during which you can only eat drink, consisting of water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. It actively advertised celebrity, claiming that these products clean the body, but doctors pronounced: believe it not worth it. Not all of the ingredients "lemonade diet", nor all of them together are not able to cleanse the body. In general, a detox program that supposedly detoxify the body by certain poisons, are nothing more than a myth.

2. Moon

"Werewolf Diet" offers fast during the full moon to cleanse the body of excess water and fat. In addition, there is a version of the lunar diet when each phase of the moon need to eat certain kinds of foods. American doctors are sure that the idea behind this diet is devoid of any scientific justification and evidence.

3. On the baby food

Famous Hollywood fitness trainer Tracy Anderson says, preferably baby food, because does not contain artificial colors or preservatives, and also allows you to get used to smaller portions. However, having studied in detail especially on baby food diet, nutritionists noted: such food deprives a person of the need to chew, which can adversely affect both the jaw apparatus and on the digestion. Not to mention the fact that canned baby food is not able to provide the required number of adult body fat, protein and fat.

4. On the cabbage soup

Unsuitable been recognized by doctors and diet, in which during the week will have to eat a low-calorie vegetable soup. The number of calories obtained in this case is so small that as a result of slowing the metabolism. In addition, the body may be formed deficiency of essential nutrients - proteins and fatty acids. Therefore, nutritionists advice is simple: instead of having to live on the same cabbage soup, is much more efficient to combine the vegetables with lean meat, fish and whole grains.

5. juices

Diet on the fresh fruit and vegetable juices was also included in the list of the worst. According to experts, juice diet deprives the body substances necessary for life that it provides the normal food. This leads to a slower metabolism during dieting and rapid weight gain after returning to a normal diet.