Help with a hangover: the restoration of acid-base balance

If, after the high jinks in the morning you suffer a hangover, the following tips.

You wake up "after yesterday" with a huge surplus of unpleasant symptoms in the body - shortness of breath, weakness, headache, nausea and vomiting, salivation, pallor, sweating. Baking soda can be dissolved (from 4 to 10 grams, depending on the conditions) and a half liters of water. By the way, you can not dissolve the soda in tap water, and do, and mineral waters. they only need to be a "medical-table." "Table" of water will not fit - too little in their dissolved salts. And they should drink at least half liters, advises Michael Zvonarev in the book "The best recipes from a hangover."

Mineral water also stimulates bile secretion and intestinal peristalsis. The release of bile reduces the level of CCK in the blood, and increased peristalsis of the intestine leads to the release of food and feces, which also contains alcohol, and decomposition products of alcohol and proteins received with food.

Fast delivery of mineral water in the bloodstream normalizes blood volume, namely the lack of blood volume (rather than the total amount of water in the body) is dehydration - a second good reason ill health.

Mineral water leads to increased urination, and ultimately - to the removal of tissue edema, as the excess liquid with toxic substances transferred from the intercellular spaces into the bloodstream. Edema is also important to quickly eliminate, because they cause a headache.

Some water is displaced grade mineral acid-base balance in the body in the alkaline side. In this case - it is the right side, because it is usually in a state of alcoholic intoxication is acidic. Mineral water reduces the imbalance introduced by the alcohol.

After copious libations in the morning is very thirsty. And all because alcohol has a very strong dehydrating ability. In addition, the period of intoxication observed an increased urine output (diuresis). And dramatically increases the amount of water lost by the body when breathing - remember how misted car window, if at least one "screwed" in the cabin.

Before drinking the water, it is reasonable to replenish salt loss - drink a glass of brine: cabbage or cucumber.

Make sure that you are going to drink it brine, marinade instead.

The dose should be small - less than glass. Otherwise amplify tissue edema and associated unpleasant consequences: headache and the load on the heart.

Water scarcity is 1.5 - 2 liters.

In one sitting to drink this amount of water is impossible, it is not be acquired immediately. So drinking water is not just so, and under the scheme. It is simple - the first two cups of water, then a break of 20 minutes. The next portion - half cup. Again, a break of 20 minutes. Then - a glass. And after 20 minutes - half a cup. So an hour you drink a liter of water, enough to start. Struggling with dehydration, the body reflexively exempt from poisons. How? It is very simple - in the urine. Furthermore, the more water in the body, the lower the concentration of the toxic agent. This means that its activity is reduced.

If the first glass of water you feel drunk again, then this means that in the stomach and the intestine was the raw alcohol which began to flow into the blood with the liquid. This means that it is highly desirable to do clearance stomach and intestines.

When you drink a liter of water per hour, you should activate urination. Urination can help - but in any case not prepared medicines. They have a lot of side effects that may exacerbate the already disgusting state. In our case, the best-herbal diuretics. Cranberry leaf, birch buds, kidney tea, diuretic collection - all sold in any drugstore. And has a mild impact, dramatically improves your condition.