Herbs that will take care of pancreatic

The aggravation of diseases of the pancreas in the holidays - not uncommon. If you know that the pancreas - your sore spot, try not to overeat and do not abuse the heavy food. Take the stress a good rest, and not using alcohol. Learn to switch, meditate, take a relaxing bath.

Establish the pancreas help herbal recipes from the arsenal of traditional medicine.

1. Green tea

Green tea - known natural antioxidant, which does not get tired to amaze us with its many beneficial properties. For example, in a recent article in ?Metabolomics? scientific journal says that in the daily consumption of green tea can help us improve the health of the pancreas and protect it from development of cancer.

The secret of green tea - in the elements contained therein named Galla gallate (EGCG). This element acts on cancer cells of the pancreas and prevents the development of tumors. Of course, by itself it is not a cure, but it significantly reduces the risk of disease.

So get in the habit of drinking a cup of green tea every day.

2. Infusion of plantain and liquorice

A mixture of licorice root and plantain spoon should pour hot water, and an effective tool for cleaning the pancreas is ready!

Vkorne licorice contains a molecule that controls the production of glucose, but because it reduces inflammation and has beneficial effects on the pancreas.

In combination with plantain licorice become a wonderful way to avoid diseases, the previous development of diabetes, such as, for example, insulin resistance.

3. The infusion of rosemary and sage

Excellent natural remedy, besides, it is very pleasant to the taste. This infusion is good to drink, for example, after dinner.

In addition, it helps to cleanse the pancreas, it also promotes muscle relaxation and a general relaxation of sleep quality improvement.

For example, the main function is to remove the rosemary and detoxification of inflammation of the pancreas. For optimal infusion will drink once a day. It will take a sprig of rosemary and sage leaves five. Bring them to a boil in water and allow to stand for 5 minutes. You can sweeten with honey infusion.

4. Properties thistle

Ready to brew milk thistle is easy to find in natural foods stores and even pharmacies. This medicinal plant contains silymarin - a very effective flavonoid, which is ideal for the treatment and recovery of the liver and pancreas.

Milk is perfect for those who suffer from fatty liver or pancreas inflammation - it will gradually cure those bodies. Silymarin, in addition, also an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, and therefore contributes to hepatocytes.

Thistle usually include detox diet for liver treatment and pancreas. For the preparation you will need a spoon of milk thistle seeds and a glass of hot water (a boiling) water. Give the drink a brew and drink after a meal.