Healthy weight loss: 22

One can not deny the fact that the diet - this is one of the forms of struggle with them, which sometimes so difficult to withstand. Dieters perceive dieting as a lifeline that will help them once and for all get rid of extra kilograms. It should be great motivation and a high level of perseverance to put yourself in a rigid framework supply. And here you have won yourself and survived a battle with a diet. Now the main thing to keep the weight, but unfortunately, there are times when people after some time regain their previous weight. And the reason is excessive appetite, which is shown after departing from the diet.

Agree, it is very unfair for those who have worked so hard to lose weight. Maybe you did not choose the life preserver? Here are some tips for losing weight. These small tricks may seem very simple and familiar while reading, but in practice they are able to provide strong support.

Tips for losing weight

1. Your diet should be varied and balanced. However, it is necessary to eliminate sugary and fatty foods. This is of course all know, but let us remember again these truths. Say 'yes' to vegetables and fruits.

2. Divide the daily food intake into five portions, and try not to miss techniques, because it does not help you lose weight. This strategy backfires, because the body thinks that food is now in short supply and the metabolism slows down to conserve energy.

3. The following advice for weight loss you've heard more than once and still water - this is very important. It is often argued that it is a loyal ally in weight loss, and it's true. Water can help increase metabolism by 24-30% within 1 - 2 hours and it helps to burn more calories. And even a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal will help eat less.

4. Always breakfast. And the meal should be 20-25% of the calories consumed per day.

5. Lose weight does not mean you have to skip dinner. Just need to take a sober approach to this. Late in the evening eat to satiety is not the best option. Dinner should be light and at least two hours before bedtime.

6. Remove from the field of view of the products on which you have decided to refuse. Why do you look at the food that is the temptation to deal with this provocation. Facilitate the task itself. Let your gaze falls on a useful product. Put in a prominent place fresh fruit and other healthy foods.

7. Use a small plate size. This advice for weight loss is a tricky technique that allows you to fill the plate completely, but eat less.

8. Carefully chew food. The body sends a satiety signal 20 minutes after beginning a meal.

9. Alcohol is not conducive to weight loss, but rather on the contrary gives triple the proportion of calories in the food you eat with him. But if you really want, then of course you can afford a glass of champagne or wine, but no more than 2 times a week.

10. Try as little as possible to have a bite. If this is unavoidable, then let your snack is a healthy and low-calorie or you will sabotage all your efforts.

11. Less salt in the diet, because it contributes to water retention, which makes you feel bloated. Daily salt rate of about 1 teaspoon, but most of us get so much more. Eating foods without salt, you lose weight and improve health.

12. Control your daily calorie intake. Possession in this matter is not necessary, but to have an idea about the number of calories eaten you will play only on hand. A good assistant will be a food diary, which is often neglected entirely in vain.

13. Pamper yourself. Once a week, but you have the right to treat yourself to a small amount of that much love. Let this be your reward for all the efforts exerted on the eve.

14. The food - it's fun and you need to learn to enjoy it. Your diet should not be torture. If what you eat makes you suffer, you are moving in the wrong direction.

15. Never go to the store on an empty stomach. This is a bad decision, because in this state, you are inclined to buy food, to seduce your mind and, as a rule, they contain high doses of glucose, because that's what it is lacking in the blood, when you are hungry.

16. Another tip for weight loss calls not to ignore the importance of sleep. This may sound ridiculous, but if you want to lose weight - sleep. And not just because it is possible to prevent zhor night (although that too). Studies have shown that women who sleep less than four hours a night have a slower metabolism than those who are committed to put to rest the night eight hours. Do not skimp on your metabolism.

17. Start to play sports. Let it be gradual. Nutrition is important, but the calories that you consume must be burned, if your goal is weight loss. Remember that even regular walking can help you get to the target.

18. Do not focus on the scales. Weigh yourself once a week with no clothes and an empty stomach.

19. If you kakoy-to moment you feel that you can break down and hand reaches for the harmful food, ask yourself: "She really is so good, and I need you, I'm ready to spoil this weakness all the efforts?" Or "This food is more important than the result to which I aspire to? ". Ask yourself honestly to these questions. Food should not control you.

20. Remember that weight loss - is a process of slow and steady. Believe me, fast and hard diet end up unfulfilled hopes. You will not see results immediately and this should be ready. Improvements will take place gradually and that this rate indicates that you get rid of the extra kilos forever.

21. Listen to your body especially when you start to get used to the new diet. If after eating you feel heaviness in the stomach - so the body copes poorly with these products or you have overeaten. Do not ignore its signals.

22. One last tip for losing weight. Always remember why you made this decision. It is your personal choice, non-transferable, your goal, your way, which is sure to be passed.