How to avoid a hangover from

The less alcohol in alcohol, the less likely to wake up in the morning with a headache. However, as it turned out, the wine - a special drink. Recently, British scientists have found that the hangover after the drink has an unusual nature. Previously, it was believed that all the fault of sulphites (preservatives that are in any fault).

It turned out well, blame tannins and sugar splitting head. Well, the most important point - many people are allergic to wine!

Tannins - are antioxidants, they are contained in grape skins, seeds and stems. And it is because of them appear dry mouth.

Histamines - chemicals that are released during allergic reactions. Because of them, runny nose, dry eyes and headache.

Check if there are allergic to histamines, it can be very simple - make a package of strong tea and drink it. If the beginning of a headache - it is bad, and red wine, it is better to try white, reports Wall Street Journal.

The third cause of pain - sugar. When mixed alcohol and glucose, the body requires a lot of water for the digestion process. The result is a lack of fluid in the body, which leads to headaches.

"In order to prevent a hangover, try to drink two cups of coffee before you open a bottle of wine," - experts advise.

Caffeine constricts blood vessels and reduces the unpleasant effects of the wine. Better yet, use white wine.

In addition, it is worth remembering that in dry wines, less sugar, and therefore less likely to get a hangover.