Scientists have discovered why people love sex

Biologists, researchers have wondered why sex is such an important part of many people's lives, why he was so fond of both sexes.

In this connection they have decided to conduct a series of experiments to understand what this process is most important. It turned out that the most important thing for people is the quality of intimacy, rather than the frequency.

Scientists have found that the whole thing in a special wave neurochemical impulses that originate in the head during intimacy. These pulses are changing the human condition, causing him pleasant emotions. To experience this is only possible during orgasm, and the more it is, the more these impulses.

They, according to scientists, are what makes people again and to have sex again. However, without the intimacy of these pulses are not attracted to men.

The scientists also say that often, many couples have problems when the sex of their no longer dominates, as in the first years of life together, psychologists say that this may be a serious problem, which necessarily requires a solution, otherwise it may bring to all sorts of problems in other spheres of life.