Effective treatment of hangover

If the morning after the holiday hangover hurts you, be sure to take the measures that you can help the body cope with the most toxic substances it is still located in the blood. So, if you are experiencing symptoms of a hangover, listen to the recommendations, and the hangover will soon depart.

In no case do not smoke, even if you are a longtime servant of this bad habit. Even a few puffs substantially worsen the condition as nicotine, as a poison, will provoke a stronger intoxication.

Try to sleep more, although it is usually difficult. Do not listen to loud music or watching TV, these annoyances will distract the body from fighting the poison-alcohol, and treatment status will be delayed. Even if you can not sleep, just lie down in silence and semi-darkness.

Take a shower, not hot and not cold, moderate temperature. This will help a little to recover and start a hard fight with a hangover. In addition, water treatment will wash residues skin degradation products derived from sweat.

If there is no heart palpitations and blood pressure is normal, light will be useful exercise. They speed up metabolism and help the body to effectively fight the poisons which came to him the day before. Light load is considered to be a leisurely walk in the fresh air.

To facilitate the pangs of conscience and restraint overly excited nervous system can take a mild sedative plant-based. But it is important to strictly follow the dosage or even reduce it in order to not further burden the already suffering bodies.

But making changes in lifestyle to cope with a hangover will not succeed. In order to most effectively and quickly deal with the symptoms at home, you need to listen to recommendations narcologists.

To win slight hangover, no apparent alcohol dependence, should adhere to the following guidelines.

Be sure to drink lots of water, of course, not to provoke vomiting. Plenty of fluid will help the body to restore the water balance as quickly as possible. And do not fear embarrassment if the house and the toilet away. Dehydrated bodies will consume large amounts of water, and urine formation will be negligible.

Avoid drinking coffee and strong tea. These beverages can improve the already high pressure, and this can be dangerous. In the easiest case, a "B" will harm an empty stomach and increase the headache. Do not drink any caffeinated beverages. To treat a hangover at home suitable weak tea with sugar, and sweeter than honey.

In no case should not succumb to the entreaties of "like cure like". Alcohol consumption is only for a short time will ease the feeling, later they will return, will skyrocket. In addition, the desire to get drunk - it is a clear sign of alcoholism.

Brine knowingly often mentioned in stories about getting rid of a hangover. Fermented foods: pickled apples, sauerkraut and natural brine actually help restore the water-salt balance.

Useful to use a small amount of yogurt or milk. But do not abuse them, dairy products can cause problems with the stomach, which will lead to further dehydration.

To facilitate the state of a hangover in the home will help any acidic drink containing a large amount of vitamin C. It can be any citrus juice or compote of black currant.