Preheat food can harm the body

Experts constantly repeat that nothing is safe and wholesome home cooking, but warned that after repeated heating it this food can cause significant damage to health.

can be fatally dangerous, even fresh homemade food, experts warn. Nutritionists agree that baked, boiled or steamed food is at times useful fried. Such favorite Ukrainian dishes like burgers, chops and other is to use as little as possible, for example, for the holidays. At other times, the same burgers or meatballs better to bake in the oven, and fish fillets - to cook with steamed vegetables.

In a lot of fried foods can cause serious problems with the stomach, liver, negatively affect the work of the kidneys, and even give rise to cancer. In addition, these dishes in any case can not be heated to the same pan in which they were fried.

"The thing is fried butter, reheat which release toxic components that are directly related to the development of cancer and diseases of the brain" - warns doctor Viktoriya Savitskaya.

No less dangerous and grilled meat, especially with a ruddy crust.

Experts say that this crust and provokes a lot of unpleasant ailments. When frying the meat in the upper layer is formed one of the most powerful carcinogens food - acrylamide. Moreover, the more fried meat - the more it in your plate. The same applies greaves, chebureks, nuggets, fried pies and the like. From these products should be abandoned once and for all, and with kebabs and steaks sure to cut the brown crust, however it does not seem appetizing.