10 drinks that will help you keep warm on a cold winter evening

When the blues comes and nothing pleases, we advise wrapped in a soft blanket, gather around the family and enjoy the fragrant hot drinks while watching the legendary movie. This is the best cure for depression!

1. Tea masala

Chai Masala - a popular Indian drink. He has a wonderful spicy flavor that is both invigorating and soothing. Dangerous mix! To prepare the masala you need ginger, cinnamon, cardamom seeds. You can also use maple syrup - it gives this drink a memorable taste.

2. Peppermint hot chocolate

The unique taste of peppermint associated with miracles and fairy tale. If you love Christmas and Christmas holidays, it is now a little closer to the holiday itself. Peppermint hot chocolate help you with this. Surprisingly, just one sip of this drink makes sincere smile.

3. Tea with cinnamon

Cinnamon - This superpoleznaya spice. Firstly, it enhances immunity. Secondly, it improves the digestive system and stimulates metabolism. Finally, cinnamon can easily replace sweets and simply warm in bad weather. Its specific taste quenches hunger and deter abuse of high-calorie foods. So often drink tea with cinnamon.

4. Orange tea with ginger and cinnamon

Ginger and citrus - it's a miracle ingredients that strengthen the immune system, protects against colds and uplifting. To combine business with pleasure, prepare orange tea with ginger and cinnamon.

5. The Mexican hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is good in that it blends perfectly with all kinds of spices. Especially when it comes to savory options such as ground cayenne pepper. If you are partial to spicy gastronomic sensations, then be sure to try the Mexican hot chocolate.

6. A thick hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows

Unable to resist, when you see air zefirki slowly melting on the surface of hot chocolate. This stunning dessert that all the fair sex instantly uplifting.

7. Caramel latte

Caramel Latte - a classic. It perfectly combines the divine fragrance, the playful notes of caramel and crisp taste of your favorite coffee. So drink warms in the winter season, it is strongly recommended that all the coffee. The taste of latte you can adjust by adding more sugar or less.

8. Spicy white chocolate

Traditionally, hot chocolate made from dark or milk chocolate. It's all your favorite classic combination, which eventually did not lose its relevance. We offer a variety of the usual recipe and prepare a savory white chocolate. It is also a tasty and appetizing!

9. Honey mulled

When it comes to winter and comfort, can not do without mulled wine. This drink is now every self-respecting hospitable host prepares its own, teasing guests cool aromas wafting from the kitchen.

10. Soft eggnog.

Homeland Egg leg is Scotland. In fact, this alternative is better known overseas we eggnog. The beverage base are raw eggs and milk. At home in the eggnog is often added to alcohol.