Top 8 Reasons have

Garnet - a delicious and versatile product. It has fantastic advantages. Pomegranate can be put in salads, in rice dishes, to meat dishes, yoghurts. And you can squeeze pomegranate juice. One pomegranate contains an average of about 100 grains and 100 calories, making it an ideal low-calorie snack for people who want to lose weight. Pomegranates may also help prevent a number of serious diseases, including cancer and heart disease. Still have doubts? So 8 Reasons include grenades in your diet.

1. Garnet helps to reduce the level of bad cholesterol

This fruit contains powerful antioxidants, which positively affect many systems of the body. In particular, they help to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Eat one garnet during the day or add beans to salads.


It is his property makes it particularly valuable fruit for diabetics and people prone to spikes in blood sugar levels. Sugar, as is known, is the culprit of many diseases, including heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and skin problems. Therefore, it is important to limit the use of sugar (or even permanently exclude it from their menu). Despite the fact that he grenades considered "sweet" fruit, its glycemic index - a total of 35 that is, the same as the raw carrots, and all 5 points higher than that of green apple.

3. GARNET improves the functioning of brain

Due to the high content of powerful antioxidants that stimulate brain activity and, grenades capable of a positive effect on the brain. This fruit helps to improve memory and nervous system function, improves cognitive (ie, cognitive) abilities. Moreover, grenades may also reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and is considered beneficial for people with this disease.

4. GARNET helps reduce PRESSURE

Studies show that pomegranate is able to reduce high blood pressure. These fruits are especially useful for hypertensive patients. Pomegranate juice (of course, fresh, with no added sugar) and pomegranate seeds as well affect the arterial wall. If you suffer from high blood pressure, ask your doctor the benefits and grenades suitable dosage for you.

5. Garnet CAN resist aging

Yes, it is now rejuvenating apple. Pomegranate is known for its fantastic properties prevent aging. Inclusion of garnets in the daily diet can help fight wrinkles and look much younger. The fact that the pomegranate contains a powerful natural antioxidant like polyphenol, which is opposed to any signs of aging. Is not that a reason to add pomegranate seeds in a salad right now?

6. Garnet helps to stop the growth of cancer cells

Of course, vegetables and fruits can not cure cancer. But they can stop the growth of cancer cells. And pomegranate is one of the best fruits with similar properties. For this purpose, you can drink pomegranate juice or eat his grain.

7. GARNET has anti properties

Drinking pomegranate helps to reduce inflammation and fights the symptoms of arthritis. These fruits also help to prevent cartilage breaks. Due to its high anti-aging properties, pomegranates help keep joints healthy and young. In addition, pomegranate juice helps to relieve joint pain.

8. GARNET improves mood

The next time you have a bad mood, cut the pomegranate and slowly eat his beans. You will feel much better. Pomegranates help to increase the level of serotonin in the brain and control mood swings. Also, pomegranate can prevent anxiety and depression. Dank evening, when bored, add your usual vitamin cocktail pomegranate seeds and a little chocolate. They say it's a combination works wonders - and improves mood, and thoughts clarified.