Drinks Rescue hangover and eating

Experts spoke about the life-giving drink, fleeing from the consequences of a prolonged celebration. Two major problems after a feast - a hangover and overeating. About the means to deal with them will be discussed.

To prevent hangovers, you should limit the number of alcoholic drinks for the holiday table, but we all people are adults and are well aware that this advice is often ignored. Another way to lessen the effects, drink 4 tablets of activated carbon before the meal, or 1 tablet per 10 kg body weight after being on the street died down fireworks, and in my head, they have just begun.

Folk remedies like cucumber brine - a classic hangover saving drink, but still not much is likely to appeal. Alternatively, it can always be mixed with tomato juice, to add a little taste of apple juice, or carrot, salt or sugar. We would not recommend drinking pure brine for one simple reason - is the amount of salt in your body will make you thirsty twice as strong.

If the house did not have the brine, it is not less effective may be eggnog. You will need to grind two yolks with three tablespoons of sugar and add orange juice to taste, preferably fresh. The final component of a miracle cocktail - a fatty cream.

If the soul does not belong to such experiments, then come to the rescue of the berry juice, of course, home made. It is advisable to choose the sour berries: cranberries, cranberry, cranberries, etc. The berries must be made mashed potatoes, squeeze the juice, squeeze boil for about 15 minutes, then mix with the juice. Sugar adjust to taste. This life-giving juice will help not only deal with the symptoms of a hangover, and saturate the body with vitamins and minerals for fast recovery.

If the juice you do not have time to cook, then turned his attention to any remaining on the table citrus: oranges, tangerines, limes, and even lemon. Citrus juice, diluted with water without gas, and normalizes your condition is not worse than the previous drinks.

If in addition to the hangover syndrome and you feel a sense of satiety, or vice versa mild degree of hunger, then look in the refrigerator for milk products. Your mates will light yoghurt, kefir or mare.

For one of the most enjoyable beverage to combat the effects of the celebration include mint-ginger tea. Mint will help relieve pain in the stomach and ginger copes with nausea. On the whole, warming and relaxing tea at this moment - a great tool.

In the struggle with a sense of gravity due to overeating will help chamomile tea. Chamomile not only soothes perfectly, but also helps to cope with the discomfort from prolonged feast. Take a short walk in the fresh air, while the tea is brewed, and then enjoy the taste of flavored hot beverage. Naturally, after tea, eat more does not cost anything, otherwise the effect will be zero.

If the forces allow, it is possible to make a citrus tea, contributing to stimulate digestion. You will need the iced tea, citrus pulp and a spoon of honey and cinnamon.

If the tea for some reason you are not satisfied, then cook banana cocktail. In a blender chop banana, add some low-fat yogurt, honey and some ice cubes and chop again. This drink will help to quickly get rid of unpleasant feelings and lift your spirits.

For those who feel bloated elephant fixed, there is a radical, but an exotic recipe. In a blender need to shift the coffee, cocoa spoon of honey, a little mint leaves and a pinch of red pepper. This tool is very effective, but very specific tastes.

And last in the list of means of escape from the consequences of a long feast, it is, oddly enough, the most obvious - the water. Mineral water without gas or water in bulk to help fill the fluid balance of the body, prevent dehydration and normalize overall.