Major errors in alcohol poisoning

Often in exacerbating the symptoms and consequences of poisoning themselves to blame patients who self-administered drugs themselves or embarrassed to tell the doctor the day before we drank a lot of alcohol.

Often the effects of poisoning are more difficult than the actual poisoning occurs is due to the fact that patients can not clearly explain the symptoms your doctor and tell them what they ate and drank before, the doctor said Victoria Savitskaya.

Among the most serious are alcohol poisoning. They require a different approach and do not pass on their own, no matter how much water and sorbents patient does not drink.

Because time is so important to tell a specialist that you have been drinking alcohol the day before.

If we are talking about such a case, it is necessary to call an ambulance in any case and as soon as possible - advises specialist. The only thing that can be done before the arrival of ambulance crews - is to drink as much clean water at room temperature, so that the body was easier to deal with toxins and "wash out" of the bodies dirtiest.

If you decide to drink potassium permanganate, then make sure that the water was not too bright - the solution should be pale and transparent. Otherwise, you can get burned mucosa, which will only aggravate the condition and require additional treatment.

"Often patients begin to swallow pills from diarrhea to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms. This is a very big mistake, because in this way the body tries to cleanse and withdraw all harmful substances, and the tablet will only reinforce the toxicity and longer keep harmful substances in the body. Also, under no circumstances can not alone bring down the temperature - it is a sure sign that the body fights infection hard and harmful substances. It is rather self-congratulatory, but does not solve the problem "- says the doctor.

Also, the expert warns against receiving funds from a variety of stomach, first of all, relieves spasms and pain killers. Again, this treatment is a symptom, not the problem. In addition, the tablet "lubricate" and a picture of a doctor can put an incorrect diagnosis because the patient will assure that he felt much better.