The psychologist advised how to prevent family quarrels during

It is noted that during the long holidays couples are not only more likely to quarrel, but sometimes even leave. If you deal with a family quarrel couples can not on their own, should seek the advice of a specialist. But, nevertheless, in most cases, serious conflicts can be prevented if you follow the simple rules, says family psychologist Valentine Vishtalyuk.

Experts recommend to approach each case individually and, if the deal with a family quarrel couples can not independently seek advice from a specialist. However, respect and consideration for each other often much more effective:

- Be kind. It is sometimes difficult, but try to discard all the negative, do not comment on other people's mistakes and oversights. Does not get better second half, when she tells something friends do not discuss delicate topics.

- Pauses. Do not focus on one lesson. Do not make the wife all day to participate in spring cleaning, and favorite - sledding, if they do not want.

- If you can not resolve any dispute or conflict, set it aside for later. But only until the moment when the offense have gone at each other and hold your anger.

- Take a walk together. Just like that, hand in hand, and on the street. The fresh air will invigorate you, and walk calm.

- Run to the scene of the battle. If you feel that in a bad mood, and the conflict at hand, just step into the next room, go to the store, in the shower, but in general anywhere - most importantly, leave for a few minutes, place a quarrel, and give yourself time to calm the nerves.

- Have fun. A good company and pleasant emotions - much nicer than domestic quarrels.

- Do not expect too much. Holidays - it's a magical time, but think of them as ordinary weekend. Accept the fact that your spouse (a) does not change in a day as you need and will do everything that you say.

- Stop fighting as soon as possible. Just try not to develop it, it is better to give in and keep the nerves themselves and the loved one.

- Decide on the discharge signals. All the good wife (exactly as husbands) know what words or gestures to calm the soul mate. For example, you can take the hand, a pat on the shoulder, a kiss on the cheek for no this. Use this technique if you feel that "fried smell".

- Avoid idleness and boredom. It is the people with nothing to do, often quarrel.

- Be fair. Never, not in what is not only one to blame. If a quarrel took place, then the two "good", do not blame all over his partner.