Top 10 popular cocktails

What kind of New Year holidays go without alcohol? Did you know that alcohol stimulates the appetite and makes eating more than you had planned? And hello, extra kilos. Moreover, alcoholic beverages themselves sufficient calories. You will be surprised to know how many calories your favorite cocktail.


Cocktail Mojito - one of the most popular cocktails in the world. Do you also love him? It is refreshing and good thirst quencher, so very popular in the summer, but many do not mind to arrange Mojito-party and New Year's holidays. The basis of a cocktail of white rum, mint, lime and soda. Also at the cocktail cane sugar is added. The cocktail contains 160 calories (200ml).

Tequila Sunrise

Cocktail Tequila Sunrise invented during Prohibition in the 30s in Mexico. Cocktail recipe many times contested, not just change the composition of ingredients. Modern recipe is quite simple: grenadine syrup mixed with tequila and orange juice. The cocktail contains 190 calories (200ml).


Screwdriver, perhaps the most famous and affordable cocktail. It was invented in the United States at all times, the same prohibition. Orange juice softened the smell of vodka and its color conceal alcohol. The ratio of vodka and orange juice has changed many times, but now in the classic version of a cocktail made from vodka 50 g and 150 g of juice. The cocktail contains 200 calories (200ml).

Bloody Mary

Born cocktail in the last century in France. Its name was in honor of Mary Tudor, severely dealt with its opposition, and received the nickname Bloody Mary. For the preparation of this Bloody Mary need vodka, tomato and lemon juice, salt, pepper, and 2 kinds of sauces "Votchester" and "Tabasco". But many prefer the original version, which includes only the vodka and tomato juice. The cocktail contains 140 calories (200ml).

Long Island Ice Tea

Another cocktail era of Prohibition. For masking his drinking from cups, appearance and smell it was like ice tea. There is a story revealing the meaning of the name. Outdoor Island, New York, residents staged entertainment: drinking a cocktail in each bar, located along the Island, it was necessary to get to the end of the street. Hence the name of Long - Long Island. The cocktail contains 780 calories (200ml).

Pina colada

Cocktail Pina Colada - a Caribbean cocktail. Literally translated the name of the cocktail is filtered pineapple. When the cocktail has not added rum, it was conceived as a fresh pineapple (pina) strained (colado) juice. Today, the cocktail includes rum, pineapple juice and coconut milk. Cocktail served with ice and a slice of pineapple. The cocktail contains 644 calories (200ml).


This cocktail also has its own interesting history. According to one legend the author Margarita is Danny Guerrero, personal bartender for the actress Marjorie (Margarita) King. Since the actress was allergic to all kinds of alcohol, except for tequila and tequila taste the most disliked actress, Greer had to change the taste of tequila, invented this cocktail. King was delighted with the drink, and later he got a lot of other fans. The cocktail contains 740 calories (200ml).


Kamikaze is translated from Japanese as "divine wind". Many is the name associated with the Japanese suicide pilots who served in the US Army. Why this word called cocktail is anyone's guess. Perhaps because after a few servings of the drink many pulls on the exploits? The cocktail contains 105 calories (200ml).

Gin Tonic

This drink is originally from India. Do not be surprised, because for a long time India was a British colony. Legend has it that the first gin tonic mixed with English soldiers. Bitter tonic enjoyed popularity in those days, because its composition is, quinine, which was previously used for the prevention of malaria. The structure further includes a modern drink lime juice and ice. The cocktail contains 200 calories (200ml).

Sex on the beach

Once this cocktail called "Sand in your shorts", later was called "Fun on the beach", and in our times, when the word "sex" very few people bother, was called "Sex on the Beach." Cocktail simple to prepare, and includes a minimum of ingredients. The bartender mixes vodka, orange and cranberry juice, and peach liqueur. The cocktail contains 150 calories (200ml).

How to manage the "alcoholic" calories?

Choose the drink wisely, better to choose a simple and easy to drink. Consider the amount of calories. It is best to decide in advance how much you are going to drink. Drink slowly and do not forget to keep track of what you have a snack. Alternate alcoholic beverages with low-calorie soft. So you can control the calories and exceed their rate is less likely.