What to eat in the New Year in different countries of the world

Virtually every country in the world have their traditional New Year dish.

Any tasty dish with meat

Americans revere roasted turkey, not only on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but in the New Year. Our neighbors Bulgarians also prefer a meat dish - moussaka. It consists of lamb and vegetables, mostly - eggplant. In appearance resembles a layer cake.

The Dutch are served at the table New Year rabbit stew in wine, to which is added the onion, bacon, sour cream and fresh herbs. Danes on New Year's baked duck with apples, prunes and raisins, adding brandy or rum dish. But Mexicans pig feed sweetly baked with tomatoes and peppers.

We Indians - hash, the Italians - grapes

Surprisingly, the closest to us in the culinary preferences were Indians. Main Christmas dish among them is the hash. However, it is called differently -rayta, and has national characteristics. Dressed with vegetables with sour cream and mayonnaise, as we do, and natural yoghurt. Moreover, the consistency of meals may be different. By the way, in addition to the traditional, with tomatoes and cucumbers in India popular Wright bananas.

Norwegians have a main dish, of course, fish. The inhabitants of Scandinavia in the New Year's Eve partake of the soup with salmon. The Germans feed sweetly salmon baked in cream with herbs.

But in Portugal and Spain is the main delicacy grapes. With him even related Christmas tradition during the battle chimes need to eat 12 grapes, and before the absorption of the latter to make a wish.

Perhaps the Italians - one of the few who is preparing the main Christmas meal exclusively for the New Year. Just as the Ukrainian annual bake Easter, the Italian mistresses prepare special sausage COTECHINO, which is served in a loaf. In addition to fatty pork sausage wrapped in pastry pears, shallots and juniper berries.

The French - snail, the Japanese - chestnut puree

True chefs - French - on New Year's table put snails and goose pate. Traditionally also baked turkey in advance marinated in white wine.

The Swedes did not take the time to cook a traditional national Christmas dishes called kroppkaka. To this end, a mixture of boiled potatoes, ham and bacon are preparing a kind of dough, from which then roll the balls and boiled in salted water.

Not original except the Japanese. In the New Year they are eating the usual noodles - soba, which symbolizes longevity. Other dishes also have a sacred meaning. To the guests at the table in the coming year is not subject to any ailments at the table is served a dessert of black soy beans, which symbolize health. And that was accompanied by happiness and good fortune in the New Year traditional Japanese menu made include chestnut puree and sweet potato.