10 dangers in the New Year's Eve

New Year's Day - it's a great time when you can relax from the hustle, bad thoughts and focus on your vacation with family and friends. But also - this time when people relax and let down our guard, that could face big trouble, happened through the fault of their own carelessness.

If you look at the statistics, during the winter holidays, the number of ambulance calls and visits to doctors grows at times. And it is quite natural, considering how much the dangers of long-awaited holiday. However, all these risks can easily be avoided if you know them in person. And so, 10 things that are not to be trifled with in the New Year's Eve.


Get food poisoning, sat down at the holiday table, it is easier than it seems. Nobody wants to spend the New Year in the emergency room, washing the stomach, so it is worth remembering that in zavetrivshimsya salads better not to approach, and you need to carefully check the quality of purchased alcoholic beverages.

Food allergies

Here it is necessary to beware of even those who have never suffered from allergies. After all, it can manifest itself in the form of reactions to exotic foods, to this day do not show up in your diet. And the most frequent causative agents of food allergies are seafood, peanuts, and citrus fruits.


Recent medical research Boston found that dense feast about 4-fold increases in risk of heart attack within two hours after a meal. And ten times the risk of this is achieved within the first hour. If you suddenly feel that grab the heart, ventilate the room, put under the tongue nitroglycerin tablet and call an ambulance immediately.

Personal injury

Needless to say that the risk of a consumer injury (contusion, dislocation, sprain, fracture, etc.) In a state of frenzied holiday of drunk increases significantly. Even champagne cork, flying out of a bottle, can cause serious damage to eyes. Drink in moderation and open the champagne just making sure that the tube is not directed to someone in person.