Signs and superstition in the New Year 2017

Soon will come the New Year 2017. The festive night many are waiting for that will come true desire and life will be better. If you believe in omens, then there are things that will predict the future. A common superstition prompt, it does not court the trouble.

1) I'm going to New Year's table should be disposed of, it is better to cook less.

2) To the next year is not passed by the happiness of home should sound loud music, decorations should be both inside and outside.

3) This pouring out of the bottle drinks the last drops of the New Year's table, and that will take a whole year.

3) If you sneeze December 31 that year will be happy and will carry around.

4) If the festive evening, guests descend to you, you'll be all year round to visitors.

5) The sign for the business: the first customer in the new year should be given to goods very cheap - then there will be financial success.

6) If, during the New Year accidentally torn a new dress - is a passionate novel. If New Year's dress got dirty - it will lead to a monetary benefit, but you will not be gathered gossip.

7) Before the New Year need to pay all the debts, but otherwise spend the whole year in poverty and need.

8) On January 1 you should ask the debt back at all those who have taken, or their money back you get.

9) On the eve of the holiday and 1 January is not necessary to lend and give someone a loan, or spend the whole year in debt. If you ask for something, it is better to give it for free.

10) When you go to the store on the eve of the New Year with your family, be sure to watch that kind of surrender was given to her husband, and what - his wife. If a man has got an odd number of coins, and a woman, on the contrary, even, in a family the whole year will be driven money and business is sure to bring a good profit.

11) When the clock will strike midnight in the pocket must be pozvenet trifle. Then the year will be rich.

12) Broken tree toy - it is money and increase revenue.

13) If you happen to January 1 to buy something, you should obtain from the seller a small discount, at least one penny. Then the coming year will be held unnecessarily.

14) celebrate the New Year with empty pockets - this is a very bad sign, while full-year poverty and destitution dwell in your house. Therefore, there should be at least put a penny or the hryvnia.

15) If Christmas fir tree in the house lowered its branches, then get ready for the fact that in the near future, you may cause serious problems. And if on the contrary, wait for good news.

16) It is a bad sign - to throw a Christmas tree out of the window, in fact it absorbs positive energy, which thus escapes from the house.

17) the whole family to do spring cleaning, because the more involved members of the family, the more positive energy you attract into your home before the New Year. But in itself is nothing you can not do the holidays, especially venturing washing, otherwise someone might get sick.

18) It is necessary to throw out of the house all battered dishes and anybody case not to put this on the table, as it attracts negative energy in the house.

19) In order to know the needs of the entire year, on the eve buy a broom and tie it like a red thread or ribbon, and then put into place the handle down.

20) Take a good look, on the other hand whom you sat at the table, if this is representative of the opposite sex, then in the coming year, you have this man to be a common interest or cause.

21) If the holiday is over dessert - year will be successful and happy.