What should be on New Year's table

For good luck, happiness and well-being did not leave family and home for a moment, it is extremely important to know what should be on the table in the New Year 2017. A year of Fire Red Rooster, and he was not so easy to please.

Serving New Year's table according to the sign in 2017

Country style

A remarkable solution in the decoration and table setting for the New Year of the Fire Rooster will set the table in a rustic style. With linen tablecloths and napkins, wooden wicker baskets, fruit and vegetable compositions and beautiful bouquets of spikelets of wheat or dried wildflowers, you can create an amazing atmosphere in which every guest will be cozy and comfortable. For a table setting in a rustic style, you can take a pottery painted pottery and ceramic or wooden utensils of various colors. Under hot, you can use a straw base. Beautifully will look glass coasters decorated with burlap, not hemmed canvas, a mat, or any other coarse cloth.

The spread on the table, you can "sit" clay or wooden figures. Will serve as a great decoration interesting woven nest, which can be decorated as a home and a festive table. The nest itself can put gifts relatives and friends, and more - lovely souvenirs for guests. On every cutlery well hang a wooden or cardboard birochki desired, guest names or pictures on a Christmas theme. Test tubes can be attached to a conventional tape.

In the style of elements of fire

In the New Year of the Fire Rooster table can and should serve in warm red tones. The most simple, but very elegant version of a Christmas table setting in 2017 - is the use of white and, as a contrast, red. For example, choose a red tablecloth and plates and napkins will be white. And vice versa - a snow-white tablecloth and plates in red with red napkins same. Candles red, gold and white profitable decorate the holiday table and will give guests a sense of comfort and home comfort.

Interesting options for table decoration - a few sprigs of spruce with red balls and other decorations in the heart of the New Year "field"; the composition of fir branches, red fruits, nuts and cones; rassazhennye on the table perimeter cute snegovichki in red caps and red scarves, Santa Claus, Christmas trees, red cards with the wishes of a merry and happy year.

Dishes on New 2017

Rooster - a very serious bird, he loves all things natural and simple. Therefore, meals on New Year's Eve in 2017 should not be elaborate, but the food itself should not be heavy and greasy. Very spicy food with the addition of chemical flavorings should also be excluded from the holiday menu.

In Eastern traditions on the table in the New Year's Eve should be a plate with the dish that loves itself a symbol of the coming year. That is, the feast in honor of the New Year of the Rooster must put on the table wheat, millet or treat, made in the form of worms (eg sweet). Armed with imagination, almost any salad you can "beat" in the form of a cockerel, using grated egg yolks, whites, sliced ??thin stripes sweet pepper, etc. All greens, pickles, vegetables and fruits should be spread out on a large plate, and meat, cheese, sausage sliced ??- on small plates and saucers. But the best meats to decompose into small pieces of wheat or corn bread.

Make sure the table has to be portioned cakes.

Alcoholic beverages, in addition to a refreshing drink (liquor, wine, liqueurs and cordials) most certainly should be a variety of cocktails (the word "cocktail" in English the word means literally "cock tail").

So, how to please the Rooster ?. .

The basic idea of ??our holiday table to Fire Rooster was pleased with the menu and the full year has brought only good luck. Eastern philosophy refers to this very sensitive, so we will rely on some of its principles:

- Rooster is a homing bird, so it will be interesting dishes as simple as possible. Furthermore, it is desirable to use only natural products.

- It is advisable to prepare the home fragrant pastries. For example, are ideal pies with several kinds of toppings, bread, pie. To all this Rooster will be supportive.

- A mandatory element on the table - greens and vegetables.

- With regard to snacks, the ideal option would be small sandwiches. As the filling is better to choose vegetables or meat.

- As a drink we recommend to learn to make a delicious cocktail, do not be superfluous and the products of its own production: for example, liquor or wine home.

- Do not think that the emphasis on chicken right. Rooster may be upset, but it will scare you to success.

- As for the main courses, in their formulations should not be a lot of oil and grease.

- If you are actively using the kitchen sauces and seasonings, then keep in mind that it is desirable to do, using natural quality products.

- Do not get carried away cooking spicy dishes.

In addition, to attract good luck and financial well-being, the main character, the need to arrange themselves. For this enough to put on the table a plate with a little grain.