Nutritionists have called the most harmful food on New Year's table

In the list of the most harmful food for New Year's table there were also those without which it's hard to imagine this holiday. But do not worry, give up under a fur coat or Olivier will not have from the beloved herring. You just have to adjust recipes.


Tartlets are prepared and eaten fairly quickly. These small baskets look pretty innocuous: it seems there may be some calories! But shortbread dough, which is part of the foundation, is half the fat (46 g fat per 100 g of dough).

Exit. To make the tartlets less calorie and harmful, you can use ready-made waffle cups or prepare them yourself. And if the type of snacks for you is not basic, it offer the healthiest option - Canapes on skewers. Preparing for no longer than 10 minutes and leaves a lot of space for imagination. They can be cooked with fish, olives, hard cheese, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, ham, shrimp, but with anything! No test, and on the table looks very nice.


Unfortunately, it's true: Olivier, mimosa, herring under a fur coat and the rest of the New Year salads are also included in the list of harmful foods. Reasons self evident. Firstly, most of the components of salads fried, and secondly, each layer copiously lubricated mayonnaise. That's how much fat is in all of this ?! Believe me, a lot. Total 100 grams of dietary even purchased mayonnaise contains 30 grams of fat.

Exit. Several options. To begin with, no one said that as a filling for all the salads from the post-Soviet space is only suitable culinary mayonnaise. It is quite possible (and should!) Replace fat yogurt or low-fat sour cream. Not exactly? It does not matter, low-calorie mayonnaise can be prepared yourself.


Do not panic! In the list of the most harmful food for New Year's table are not absolutely all meat products. It's about fried red meat, sausage, and second-grade by-products, as well as the meat in French.

Let's order. Red meat increases the level of free radicals that cause inflammation in the body. It is especially dangerous to the health of women after 50. As for the not the best quality sausages - they have long recognized carcinogens. But the meat in French, it's much easier. Do not you think that even the chicken with mayonnaise, ketchup, fried mushrooms, onions and cheese - it's too? And most importantly, as something not very French? That's right. Despite the fact that for the first time this dish really was cooked in Paris, it was meant Russian Count Orlov. Apparently, Parisian chefs felt that the way to the heart of the foreign guest is through his stomach, and their national dishes are too modest to appease him.

Exit. Red meat is the best substitute turkey, cooked in the oven. Very festive and much more useful. As for the sausage and cut, if they can not be excluded from the holiday menu, it is necessary to shake the purse and buy a high quality product. As you guessed, "meat is not entirely in French," it is better not to cook, except that it will be the only one. Or at least try to give up ketchup (it uses a large amount of harmful corn fructose) and Mayonnaise.


So it is accepted in our culture that the banquet tables should burst with an abundance of food. Experienced hostess know how to put all so that every guest could reach any goodies. Let the dish stand in three rows, there is a place for dessert. If you are confident that in the stomach of your guests can find a place, let it be still and sweet. But not only cakes, iced cakes or cupcakes. Each piece - a minimum of 550 calories, countless glucose and trans fats. So close to the diabetes.

Exit. As a dessert using the fruit. It's tasty and healthy, but can be also very festive!


The holiday is approaching, and with it the advertising of Coca-Cola. These guys know how to create a brand that is synonymous with the new year is not less than the tree. Not surprisingly, the children will be asked to put the drink on the holiday table.

Exit. Almost all the fizzy drinks contain sweeteners such as aspartame (E951). The debate around this dietary supplement is still ongoing, the DOE that soda - it's not natural, does not cause controversy. Another thing is homemade stewed fruit juices!