What is the year to meet the Fire Red Rooster to bring good luck

According to the Oriental calendar 2017 will be the year of the Red Rooster, which will be held under the elements of fire. In order to win over the host of the year, you need to choose the right outfit for New Year's Eve.

The colors of dresses

Probably you think immediately that the main color of the year - red. We hasten to disappoint you. In order to respect the harmony and not to attract negative energy, you need to wear those colors, which take into account the characteristics of all the four elements - earth, wood, fire, water and metal.

According to the Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, fire destroys metal. Since 2017 will be held in the element of fire, it is necessary to avoid the dominance of red clothing, accessories and interior, so as not to destroy the metal element, which is very important to comply with the harmony. The same applies to the color orange.

by Feng Shui experts recommend and New Year's Eve, and throughout the year of the Red Fire Cock wear not only red shades, but the colors that are associated with the earth element. This terracotta, yellow, gold and browns.

Avoiding leopard print

As for fabrics, then regardless of the year, it is necessary to give preference to natural fabrics only. In 2017 an ideal choice in terms of respect for the harmony will be satin, silk and velvet. In addition, the latter two are now at the peak of fashion trends.

In no case do not use in creating the image of a New Year's leopard or tiger prints. Rooster - a pet, and predators - his enemies.

Home Accessories - Gold

Rooster loves all the bright and beautiful, so in the New Year 2017 you can easily afford luxury dresses, decorated with stones, beads and embroidery. Deep neckline and slits also held in high esteem. Year of the Rooster is not the best time for the manifestation of modesty, you risk being left unnoticed.

As for jewelry, then Feng Shui experts recommend avoiding red stones - rubies, garnets, corals, trumalina, spinel, zircon, and jasper. Ideal - gold jewelry.