What can not be present for the New Year?

If you believe in omens, not all beautiful and expensive things - a good gift. There we launched that instead of the expected joy can bring a person into trouble. Here is a list of gifts, which in any case can not be present.

1. Knives and forks. Such a gift can have a negative impact on health, sow discord in the relationship.

2. Scissors. Reshapes lives, tearing relationships with others.

3. Lighter, Cigarette Case - to separation.

4. Razor - a "shearing" of success and good luck.

5. Gloves. Having received them as a gift, the person is at the mercy of the giver.

6. Handkerchief - to tears, disease, and trouble.

7. Belt - makes a person constrained, it will be difficult to achieve something.

8. Clock - to separation and not only. They say that they are quite able to put an end to a happy life.

9. Mirror. Causing loss of beauty, youth and joy, especially when we are talking about the old mirror.

10. An empty purse. If the inside is not at least a little money, a gift to let you in the world!

11. Pearls - to tears.

12. Chain - to separation.

13. Scarf - to end the relationship.