How to save a figure in the New Year

Once come the New Year holidays, begins a series of feasts, and it all comes down to one thing - to eat! Of course, family and love is also very important, but how to explain to her grandmother, who is rushing to you with the addition that you can no longer eat even the smallest piece of cake? Same story with your friends, because the rules of hospitality dictate that guests need feed to satiety. So after all is there a way out? In fact for the New Year table I want to try everything and it does not swell up like a balloon.

Nutritionists gave five tips for a comfortable stay, without prejudice to the waist.

1. Save room for dessert

A piece of apple pie with vanilla ice cream, chocolate, biscuits, sweet pastries or eggnog The Christmas season is full of temptations! If you love desserts and do not want to give up the main course, be prepared to eat a small portion to leave yourself some room for dessert.

2. Choose less calorie products.

For an appetizer, choose vegetables, but not seasoned with their creamy sauce. For meat suit sauce of cranberries - less fat option. Replace mashed potatoes made with butter and milk, baked potatoes. If you eat bread - let it be a piece of bread from whole grains.

3. Ask yourself this question, "Am I really hungry?"

You have to set it every time you feel the urge to eat something. Listen to your body, be aware of its signals and make sure you are really hungry. Focus on a pleasant conversation, not the food.

4. Do not starve waiting for a celebratory dinner

We are sure that most of you have used this strategy. All day stay hungry to have more space in your stomach, and have a good appetite for dinner. Yes, dinner is the most important meal during the holidays, but only such a regime confuses your metabolism and you will overeat. Just eat something light during the day, such as vegetable salad, it will allow you to relish wait for dinner, but do not overeat.

5. Focus on vacation.

Sami holidays last 2-3 days, but the festive spirit lives sometimes a whole month. Focus on vacation and plan an active vacation, not turning them into endless holidays that last a few weeks. The best strategy is to deviate from their healthy lifestyle just for the holidays, not all winter to overdo it.