It named the main danger for the holidays

Scientists have found that holiday weekends are bad for human health.

In particular, the long New Year holidays may increase the risk of a number of heart problems due to many factors.

For example, heart attacks often occur due to acute coronary syndrome. It is an unexpected break occurs in the coronary artery atheroma.

As a result, the gap is formed in situ blood clot that clogs the artery. This leads to a heart attack. If you do not call an ambulance, the person may die.

Scientists explained that coronary syndrome develops due to many factors, which are often more active holidays. Thus, the cause of this syndrome may be the cold weather, a sedentary lifestyle, sudden load on the body. This aggravating factor is the consumption of alcohol, smoking and the consumption of large quantities of food.

All this applies to public holidays, and especially for New Year holidays.

The researchers noted that the risk of dying from heart problems in the new year is increasing as the holiday is associated with increased emotional background, which is a heavy load on the heart.