How to lay the table for the New Year: the best ideas

It remains quite a bit of time before the most important night of the year. Already you can and should be in the relax-mode, sum up and, of course, plans for 31 December. Someone buys tickets to a restaurant, saving yourself from having to wash the dishes, others go in the hot country, denying the pre-holiday fuss, and there are those who no matter what will not exchange the opportunity to spend the New Year in a homely atmosphere together with loved ones.

If you are among the latter, then start preparing for the New Year's Eve with thinking through the table layout. This is the cornerstone and the vector festive atmosphere. Our new collection of tips for New Year's table serving inspire you to an original serving, which will certainly appreciate the Fiery Rooster - a symbol of the coming year.

2017 on the eastern calendar - the year of the Fire Red Rooster. This is a key clue to the correct table setting. The color palette used shades should prevail bright and expressive colors: red, coral, crimson, gold, silver, orange.

It is important to correctly match these shades together to serving turned out not flashy and elegant. Be sure to alternate with bright elements in white. So, if you put on the table with a red cloth, then let the dishes to be white. This simple trick will help to dilute the serving and decor do not "overloaded".

Napkins and paper towels, choose themed. They should not only perform its basic function, providing a clean and tidy, but also will be a win-win desk decoration.

[/b] Candles.

Fire Rooster will be glad if your holiday table will show off candles. They will make the atmosphere even more festive and fabulous.

Beautiful candles of different sizes and shapes can be bought in any shop with goods for the house and you can do it yourself. Glue them beads and sequins, tie at the base of the beautiful ribbon - Exclusive decor for holiday serving ready.

Firs and cones

Firs and cones - these are the main characters of the New Year. Christmas tree, you can not just put in the room where you will celebrate the festival, but also to decorate it with the help of New Year's table.

You will need a small fluffy branches and cones, which must be creatively expanded on a festive table. Firstly, it looks very stylish and in winter. And secondly, you can not even imagine what the table will be an amazing aroma of pine needles.

By the way, in order not to overload the table decorations, use paper towels. Just lay out cones and spruce branches on top of the towel, and then after the holiday will not have the extra time to wipe the table. It will be enough just to collect towels and remove them from the table.


It has long been dreaming of a beautiful dish? New Year - this is an excellent opportunity to update their inventories. It has long been known that the appearance is important not only dishes, but also dishes in which it is served. This way, your Christmas treats will become even more appetizing, and the table - elegance.

In the New Year usually do not have time to once again to wipe dry the dishes or polishing glasses for champagne. Paper towels will save you time and help quickly to prepare the dishes for serving.


In the year of the Fire Rooster on the table should be more brilliant, shimmering, sparkling elements. Say "yes" to any sequins and decorative elements on which they are present. It can be gold-plated glasses, bright ribbons, envelopes, Christmas figurines, candlesticks.

The tablecloth and napkins

Tablecloth - is an essential attribute of perfect serving. Without it, the decor will not be home, cozy, fabulous and really festive. Tablecloth for New Year's Eve, choose white, red or patterned (with Christmas symbols). This is a win-win options that blends perfectly with the other decor.

Do not forget the napkins. For serving, you can use the beautiful napkins made of cloth, but also suggested to have on hand practical paper towels. Their guests will be able to lay on his knees, so as not to stain your clothes in the process of eating.

Christmas toys.

Lay on the table Christmas decorations. They will be fun to shine and shimmer, reflected in the glasses with champagne. Try to choose toys for serving in the same style. They can be different sizes and shapes, but colors let it be similar, otherwise the overall style of serving does not turn solid.

Edible decor

Do not forget about the main advantage - edible decorations. We advise to choose the themed dishes: gingerbread houses, gingerbread as humans, licorice candies, cupcakes with snowflakes and snowmen, cake-pop in the form of Christmas tree decorations. Edible decorations you can arrange on plates or guests neatly placed on the holiday table.