How to meet the year of the Fire Rooster to bring the happiness and good fortune

According to the Eastern calendar, the symbol of 2017 - Red Fire Rooster. Rooster is poultry, which differs courage, cheerfulness and good temper. He had bright feathers, a good voice, but have special habits and peculiar character. This bird is also the symbol of a new, as the rooster gets up at dawn.

The color of the coming year - red and the element - fire. Since ancient times, the sages believed that the Fire element represents a continuous upward movement and has unmatched vitality differs incredible desire for self-improvement and success.

The red color is closely intertwined with the fiery element, and it's very good, because such a mixture is total harmony in all things. Red - the color of love, love, ardor, partiality.

This year romantics and aesthetes, people who are inclined to the humanities and creativity. A good studio will be the opening, art salon, school dances and other creative workshops.

What to expect in 2017

Red Rooster Year of the Fire should be fruitful, generous to the bright world events, carnivals, cultural events and political reshuffle. It may also increase reproductive capacity, and the number of disasters and accidents will decrease.

However, next year will not be without trouble, since this character is also different cocky and militancy. Therefore, in 2017 will be minor conflicts.

In the new year will be relatively easy, without financial crises, collapses of national currencies and the slowdown of the economy, promising astrologers.

In the year of the Red Fire Cock revenues will delight stability. However, the rest in 2017 is better not to plan - the owner of the year he will create the conditions for high-grade and high-quality holidays.

Life in 2017 will be filled with thousands of dating, one of which is bound to be fatal. Year of the Red Fire Rooster will bring fiery passion and loving husband. So we can meet your soul mate. But not all so smoothly. Unrestrained passion can vary dramatically indifference, love alternated with scandals, quarrels will end with the rapid reconciliation. Divorce in the year of the Fire Red Rooster is expected to decrease compared to previous years, and weddings anymore.

Young people bring a lot of positive year in terms of creativity. There is a lot of victories in competitions and festivals, many dreams come true to participate in the musical TV show. Year of the Fire Red Rooster - a time when you can try yourself in the theater field, enter the appropriate institution.

Experts told how to behave in the face of the New 2017 master in order to succeed!

Fact number 1. Fire Rooster tirelessly tidying

According to the Chinese horoscope, the coming 2017 - year of the Fire Rooster, very bright and sunny character. Chinese New Year begins on January 28 - the second new moon after the winter solstice, and ends - February 152018.

Red Rooster - the tenth sign of the Chinese horoscope twelve - is almost the most formidable animals throughout the eastern calendar.

Eastern sages believe that the element of Fire, protection proud bird, represents the continuous upward movement and has unmatched vitality differs incredible desire for self-improvement and success.

Red Rooster combines many business qualities: efficiency, energy, sociability. All this is useful to you in order to succeed in moving up the career ladder.

The owner of the next year just loves to clean up and strengthen the discipline - is to direct and strengthen themselves and order, and discipline concerned him less. Like any cock, he sticks to the principle: my business to crow, and there could not dawned!

Fact number 2. He likes bright outfits causing

Meeting the year of the Fire Rooster should be in full splendor. You must shine in the literal and figurative sense. How to prepare for the New Year, to locate its owner to yourself?

Dresses ladies should choose brighter - red, yellow or orange. Experts believe that the most successful colors for Christmas night - red and gold. And if you choose the classic black, it is best to complement the shiny accessories: pin the brooch to wear a bracelet, a necklace or a bright tie a scarf around his neck. Male image in color and texture should be combined with a female to emphasize harmony in the house.

Thus astrologers advise ladies to celebrate the New Year in a red dress. "We can afford any shade: red, maroon, dark red, wine, coral. If you want to impress, choose a red dress on the floor "- they recommend.

Pay attention to the shoes! Remember how the cock shall convene the chickens peck at the grain Of course, putting on boots with spurs do not have to, but the men in the New Year's Eve should polish to a shine shoes, and the fair sex should wear elegant shoes or sandals, decorated with rhinestones, bows, flowers.

Fact number 3. The owner, the support workaholics

Red Rooster combines many business qualities: efficiency, energy, initiative, sociability. All this is useful to you in order to succeed in moving up the career ladder. The word "strive" in the coming year - a key.

According to astrologers, a fiery bird will certainly help workaholics, those who love and know how to work. They overwhelm profitable and tempting offers.

But do not hurry. Analyze and evaluate all of the proposed options is just to find a single - the most reliable and suitable.

It is believed that in the next year is especially welcome intellectual work. Success awaits those who work in the creative sector.

Fact number 4. He likes to talk to people in the same language: "crow" in the New Year's Eve - bring good luck!

In the New Year's Eve is sure to greet the upcoming Year of the Rooster crowing. After twelve hours of stroke it is recommended to say: "Cock! Cock! Golden scallops! Look out the window - you'll give peas ?
In Slavic mythology Rooster - a symbol of healing and resurrection. It is a talisman, guarding against the dark forces. Suffice it to recall Gogol "Wii", where Homa at dawn crowing saved from evil spirits. It is no accident in Russia roofs of houses were decorated with figures of wooden cockerels!

But do not try to abuse the trust of the mark. That is, promising anything to the owner of the year, keep their word - or think that promise, in order to avoid problems. And then help you guaranteed!

By the way, the men in the New Year's Eve should be reserved for the compliments of those present at the celebration of beautiful ladies, highlighting the advantages of a dress, and the qualities that you admire for a long time: economic, ability to take care of loved ones, cook, keep the house All of this will be for them to install for the next year.

Fact number 5. His not eating, "Olivier" and poultry dishes - outlawed

According to the Chinese horoscope, this time all the dishes of poultry, whether goose, chicken, duck or turkey - at the meeting of the new year - a taboo.

In any case, those who believe in omens, have to do without the traditional "Olivier" is not used in salads, eggs and mayonnaise to refuel them, because it contains egg yolk. It is not too critical, "Olivier" can be eaten on the next day after the New Year.

Those who refuse to poultry dishes on the holiday table can replace them with other, no less beautiful and emblematic for the feast: roasted piglet or leg of lamb, braised rabbit, stuffed carp, grilled steaks of veal

A great addition to this hot dishes are dietary salads, fruit and vegetable dishes, vinaigrettes, fish and meats, as well as jelly (jelly) and "light" version - aspic.

Selection rules that it is necessary to bear in mind when preparing a festive table for the New Year 2017.

1. The meat of any kind, except the chicken. To prepare the meat dishes using beef, lamb or rabbit. Fire Rooster will not forgive cooked chicken on the table.

2. On your desk should be an abundance of vegetables, fruits and fresh herbs. This is understandable, since the rooster - bird feeding on plant food.

3. Replacing the usual potatoes on cereals. Rice, bulgur, corn grits, beans with proper cooking and feeding can be a real highlight of the culinary program.

4. The more fresh salads, so much the better. Previously we mentioned about vegetables, but prepare them better low-fat salads, dressed with sour cream, sauce or mayonnaise, and light, with the addition of sunflower or olive oil.

5. Festive cakes and sweet desserts. Keep in mind that Christmas baking in 2017 should not contain bulky rich cakes and cream cakes. It is necessary to give preference to dishes, for cooking that use nuts, fresh or frozen berries, raisins, prunes.