Scientists have told us how the New Year's Eve on the body

The researchers sought to determine how the organisms of people New Year's Eve. Usually it is plentiful and dense, moreover, includes alcohol. This feast can not pass unnoticed by all of our body systems. Scientists were able to determine exactly how this dinner impact on the health and condition of the person.

Scientists note that the feast of New Year's Eve begins almost always with alcohol. Usually drink champagne. It dilates blood vessels, which results in fever and severe famine. Man getting hot at the same time he begins to actively eating a variety of delicacies. Since the feeling of saturation comes only after 20 minutes, a person has time for the first call to eat very much. This weakens the action of alcohol is not as fast and appetite persists for some time.

It turns out that people overeat. After a while comes a feeling of fullness, and with it, and heaviness in the stomach. Completely absorbed in the New Year's Eve meal is digested after 24 hours. To avoid this, scientists are advised to be moderate in wine and food.