How to choose an artificial fir

Artificial Christmas trees are becoming increasingly popular. It makes no sense to spend on the purchase of a pine tree or a tidy sum each year to a week or two to throw a dry tree.

Where profitable to buy artificial fir tree, which will retain its perfect appearance for many years.

But before you buy a Christmas tree, it is necessary to decide what kind to buy, because now the market offers a huge number of artificial Christmas trees.

Experts told how to choose high-quality artificial Christmas tree and what to pay attention in the first place.

Types of artificial Christmas trees

Artificial Christmas trees and pine trees come in different heights - from 70 cm to 3 m, and different kinds: alloy plastic, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and from the fishing line.

Cast a Christmas tree made of plastic the most expensive and durable. Basically, they are produced in Europe. The needles of trees are cast in certain conditions, so that they are as close to natural.

Artificial Christmas trees made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), fire-safe and durable. The manufacturing process allows you to handle each branch separately, so the branches have a different shape and tapering ends.

Firs of fishing line - the most inexpensive and fluffy, but not fireproof.

Artificial fir also produce a silvered with frost or snow-covered branches with cones or flickering effect.

Advantages of artificial fir

This spruce will pay off in a few years - in fact, instead of having to spend a certain amount on a live tree every year, you can buy an artificial, which can be decorated with a few years.

Artificial Tree is safe for children. It is not pricked, not showered, and in most cases does not ignite.

Artificial Christmas trees are symmetrical, perfectly lush and green.

How to choose an artificial fir

1. Check it the stability and quality of the needles. To do this, lightly pat the tree against the needles - they do not crumble.

2. Check fire resistance. You can not buy paper with spruce needles - they light up instantly. Spruce be coated fireproof impregnation.

3. It is necessary to see the hygienic certificate of quality of the goods, to ensure safe and hypoallergenic artificial Christmas trees or pine.

4. When choosing a green beauty should immediately discard the cheapest options trees with a specific smell of plastic. This is a low-quality material that can catch fire or even cause poisoning in children.

5. It is best to choose a fir in Europe. It will last at least ten years, the needles do not fall off, does not smell and is safe - each branch wrapped in green silk thread, to avoid injury.

6. The safest option - tree on metal base. Plastic legs can not withstand the load of the strings and the plurality of toys.

7. Soft or hard spruce needles should not deform under compression in the hand.