How to maintain a healthy body without parasites

Parasites poison the human body and lead to a multitude of chronic diseases. Many people live parasites decades, not only in the intestine (as is commonly believed), but also in other organs and tissues. To become infected with parasites, enough to drink unboiled water, eat unwashed apple or badly deep fried fish. First of all, getting into the body, the parasites attack the immune system, but rather make it weaker. As a result, it allows active reproduction of parasitic organisms and becomes unable to stop the development of many diseases. That is why people are infected with parasites are often sick. The second kind of damage which is applied parasites is that they destroy the internal tissue. Parasites are continuously moved within the body and damaging injury and organs, which leads to many dangerous diseases.

If you do not sleep in the morning feeling lack of energy, you have chronic under-eye circles and lack of sentiment, it is likely that, your body attacked by parasites. Therefore, it is time to come to take care of themselves and draw on antiparasitic cleaning the most attention. It is best not to take drastic pills because of their harm to the body, especially the liver. Many well-known in the world-parasitologists doctors advise drink special herbal tea or consisting of natural ingredients.

It is enough to make a special tea

Herbs are collected in ecologically clean areas, so the collection is obtained by 100% natural and completely safe. Brewed tea is not only pleasant to use, but also very good for health. Especially if the collection has a long history, such as monastery antiparasitic gathering herbs for the control of parasites, the recipe of which is known since the Middle Ages.

Unique drink consists entirely of herbal ingredients: oak bark; Young birch leaves; tansy; wormwood; marigold; uliginose; sage; yarrow; Repeshko; peppermint.

Drinking tea should be 21 days every morning. To make tea, pour a small spoon cup boiling water composition. Insists he has no less than 30 minutes, and then the tea should be taken from the fourth part of the cup, gradually increasing the dose to a full glass.

The monastery tea is not harmful to the body, but effectively cleanses it from the majority of the parasites - different kinds of worms, fungi, unicellular organisms (Chlamydia, Giardia, etc.), stimulates the function of internal organs, strengthens the protective functions of the body, effectively fights fungi, viruses and bacteria.

Monastic tea can be purchased at official website. provider. Beware of imitations!

Based on the materials "Medentsiklopedii"