Than and how to have a snack so as not to meet a holiday with a hangover

New Year from a bright holiday can easily turn into painful suffering, if you do not calculate your dose of alcohol. However, scientists say that the snack plays an important role.

Of course, the higher the degree - the faster the intoxication, but the gases in the liquor (for example, champagne), and the sipping with soda - the right way to the ruined evening.

Snacking is best with baked or boiled vegetables, potatoes, lean protein foods. But to seize dessert wines and sweet tinctures with meat - it's not worth it.


1) Alcohol and sweet are direct competitors. First of all, the body will rush to split fatty sweet cakes, and the splitting of alcohol will be postponed for later. As a result - the release of insulin into the blood, rapid intoxication and severe hangover, because the body had poisoned with toxic substances. In addition, chocolate in combination with alcohol painfully strikes the pancreas and can cause pancreatitis.

2) Strong drinks, especially vodka, do not get along with tomatoes. They enhance the negative qualities of each other (in particular, the effect of organic acids from tomatoes on the walls of the gastric mucosa), which can be bloating or indigestion.

3) Fat and fried strengthen the effect of alcohol. Plus, an additional load on the stomach, liver and, of course, the gallbladder.

4) Acute also feeds the action of alcohol, and when consuming strong alcohol can cause a burn of the stomach mucosa or esophagus.

5) Marinated cucumbers and tomatoes, in contrast to salted, give an extra burden on the kidneys and liver.


1) For cheese, cheese, in which organically combines calcium and other minerals, is best for wine. They help digest useful polyphenols from wine. Yes, and the taste is emphasized.

2) Vodka is good for biting vinaigrette, it has potatoes - adsorbent and sauerkraut - a source of vitamin C. It is the latter that is famously washed out of the body along with alcohol. Therefore, the body needs the sauerkraut as an appetizer from the evening, and the next day the brine from under it - as a medical balm.

3) Also strong spirits are good for eating low-fat meat or fish, as well as seafood. Animal proteins are digested for a long time - from 4 to 8 hours, and under the influence of alcohol - even longer, because their molecules bind in the intestine. As a result, the person is fed longer and the liver is not too heavy.