Unexpected cause of headaches

Scientists were able to figure out how to deal with the most common and painful kind of headaches. It turns out that it takes a whole-stop teeth grinding at night.

Headaches tenzionnogo type conventionally lasts between 30 minutes to several hours, but can last up to several days. Their reasons are lack of exercise, poor posture, fatigue or dehydration. Now, however, experts have found that for this kind of pain can cause bruxism or gnashing of teeth. In most cases, people unconsciously grind their teeth during sleep, often without even knowing it.

Common causes of bruxism are stress and anxiety. Sometimes the disorder is getting worse due to smoking, alcohol and caffeine. Headaches in bruxism casualties occur due to prolonged muscle tension. Also gnashing of teeth can cause pain in the jaw and face.

According to statistics, with bruxism faces every 10th inhabitant of our planet in a given period of time. For most people, this disorder is not long, but it should not be ignored, because it can be a sign of severe stress. In the long term affects of bruxism teeth, breaking seals, adversely affecting the bite and increasing the sensitivity of the teeth.

First, the doctor needs to determine the cause of bruxism, and then give the patient a special protective mouthpiece made of soft plastic, which must be worn at night for protection from the gnashing of teeth. Its use is required for complete disappearance of the symptoms of bruxism.