How to help a person overly tipsy

Celebrate New Year's Eve without alcohol are not used in our country, because most of the noisy companies, as a rule, is "joker", which sorts out excess.

To reproach a person in this situation is impossible, because the causes can be a great multitude: someone did not calculate the forces, he drank too much and "passed out" long before the completion of the party, someone has mixed a few drinks, and maybe all people all day did not eat, to "off" for the holiday table, and fell victim to the first few drinks.

"Fortunately, alcohol intoxication is easily recognized at an early stage - slurred speech, blurred motion, uncertain gait, and so on. In such a case, the victim, first of all, it is time to stop pouring and the like would not encourage friends (say, a holiday once a year), give the person at least to recover. Drinking coffee in such a situation it is not necessary, but the orange juice diluted with water or mineral water with a few slices of lemon will be very useful "- advises Doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

However, as practice shows, in large companies and high jinks, such moments often skipped or they simply do not attach importance. If a man is not in himself, and literally falling asleep at a table in a plate Russian salad - try to get him to sleep, finding a place poukromnee and quiet.

"Where things are more complicated if a person is already really bad. The first thing to do in this case - to lay a comrade on his side, and the right to reduce the load on the heart, which in this "master" status and so very difficult. In addition, a compulsory measure, in order to see if his condition directly and overly dire, not happened sticking of language. Be sure to dress the man with a warm blanket, make sure that it had wrapped his arms and legs. The fact is that in a state of extreme intoxication limbs always freeze first because of impaired thermoregulation, and under the influence of alcohol is always first think that is very hot, and then abruptly coming chills "- warns doctor.

If "peregulyavshy 'guest still does not sleep, and holds a sitting position, use the old-fashioned method, against whom nothing has and physicians - Dissolve a teaspoon of ammonia in a glass of water, you can add a little jam, that was not too disgusting to drink this solution . This will slightly recover. In no case do not provide guests with a strong coffee - contrary to popular method, it will only aggravate the condition.

To the state of intoxication and the associated organism poisoning passed quickly, get the person to drink more - a simple clean water without gas or green tea slabozavarennogo.

Much more difficult, if someone loses consciousness of the guests. It is important to remember that the human unconscious is not necessary - as many believe - quickly lead to feelings, beat down his cheeks and shake. Fainting occurs when the brain lacks oxygen - loss of consciousness, the body protects itself.

"First of all, make sure that the man had something to breathe - ask everyone to disperse away, relax scarf or tie, unbutton the top buttons and belts, so that nothing is pressed down and the body did not prevent the normal circulation of the blood. Put a man on the side and lift his feet - so you will ensure the rapid flow of blood to the brain. Do not give the victim any pill when he wakes up - better give him drink warm sweet tea, and in any case no longer pour alcoholic drinks ", - the doctor advises.