Researchers: fruit juices "kill" the liver

The Israel Medical Association cautioned that regular drinking fruit juice can seriously harm the liver. "We believe that all fruit juices are useful - it's a mistake!" - Noted experts.

The constant use of fruit juice increased the risk of fat deposition in the liver. This, in turn, leads to the disease FH, which is characterized by excessive accumulation of lipids in the liver cells.

Doctors have noted that many of the fruit juices "no less harmful than soda sweet" - in favor of this conclusion are the results of extensive research.

Earlier in nutrition have been calls to reduce the consumption of fruit juices. The first is referred to the prepared juices industrial production: their potential utility experts estimated very low, parallel noting too high blood sugar.

At this time, scientists have expressed that virtually all potentially harmful fruit juice if they are used daily in a large enough quantity. This feature of the researchers associated with the excessive concentration of fructose in these drinks and not enough fiber, which would have leveled its negative impact on the internal organs.

"By drinking more than a liter of juice a day, even fresh, the risk FH increases 5 times. Also increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease ", - stressed they are.