5 camyh popular diets 2016

Is it possible to lose weight on the pizza as fats help to lose weight and why care should be taken to exclude gluten from the diet? Experts have called the 5 camyh popular diets in 2016.

The ketogenic diet

Very little carbohydrate, a lot of fat - unsaturated course - and a moderate amount of protein. According to the ketogenic diet, about 75-90% of daily calories should be derived from fat, 6-20% of calories - of the proteins, and only 2-5% of calories - from carbohydrates. Proponents of the diet believe that last even two weeks on this diet, you can burn excess fat. Here's how it works: the lack of carbohydrates, our body converts the stored up fat into energy, which is necessary for the functioning of the body.

Interestingly, the ketogenic diet has been known since the 1920s. Initially, doctors prescribed it for people suffering from epilepsy, to facilitate attacks. Today, followers of the diet appear Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston. A Google search "ketogenic diet" awarded the category of "extremely popular" at the end of 2016.

"Military" diet

Perhaps you're thinking about the field kitchen? But no, the military-diet also known as the "three-day diet." That is the essence: three days a week you eat only low-calorie products, with small portions and the remaining four days, stick to your usual menu. An example of a low-calorie daily menu:

- Breakfast - half of grapefruit (52 calories), toast (67 calories), tea or coffee (no sugar, milk and cream);

- Lunch - Tuna (89 calories), toast (67 calories), tea or coffee (without caffeine, sugar, milk and cream);

- Dinner - about 100 grams of meat (200 calories), green beans (34 calories), half a banana (53 calories) and a small apple (55 calories).

Sitting on this diet for a week you can lose up to five kilograms. Regular physical activity is recommended to secure the result.

We would like to remind you: most diets are only good as a rapid measure - for example, to quickly get in shape after many days of holiday feasts, but the exclusion of important products from your diet for a long period and a sharp change in calorie fraught with serious health problems.


On a low-carb Atkins diet probably heard each. This year, it has become a popular simplified version - "Atkins-40", thanks to the star Kim Kardashian.

By following this diet, you can eat almost everything - potatoes, pasta and more - and you will not feel hungry during the day, at the same time become slim 1-2 kg per week. What's the catch? Every day, you should not consume more than 40 grams of carbohydrates, except for dietary fiber and sugar alcohols (sweeteners and sugar substitutes). Hold on for a long time - will achieve the same effect as the mother of two of Kim Kardashian.

Atkins Diet and its kind "Atkins-40" are contraindicated for people with liver and kidney disease, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Gluten-free diet

According to statistics, about one in five Americans this year refused to gluten. In the US, this is not a diet, and lifestyle products are gluten-free, gluten-free shops, restaurants with gluten-free menus, and even gluten-free vodka. What is the reason? First, eliminate from the diet foods containing gluten (gluten), you really lose weight, because first of all fall under the prohibition of high-calorie cakes, pasta and beer. Secondly, this diet many famous adherents - such as Novak Djokovic - and very good marketing. But here the main thing - do not get carried away. Completely exclude gluten from the diet should be only in case if you have celiac disease or gluten enteropathy - gluten intolerance. Symptoms of the disease are observed in an average of one out of three hundred people.

Gluten is found in many whole grain foods rich in vitamins and minerals, so the rejection of them can harm your health. And another important point: most of the gluten-free products that are on supermarket shelves contain a lot of calories, sugars or sweeteners, and there is nothing useful, experts say.

Pizza Diet

It is amazing to see with the word "pizza" and "diet", but the founder of the program supply Matt McClellan tested the diet on himself, convinced of its effectiveness and now advises everyone to lose weight on a pizza. Within a month, Matt ate only pizza - eight pieces a day - and dropped about 11 kilograms! And it's not the only diet bonus McClellan at normal pressure, lowered cholesterol levels - from 243 to 157 - and, of course, reduced body mass index (BMI) - from 26.9 to 23.6.

What is the secret of such changes? Pizza Diet - is a variant of mono, with the only difference being that in one piece of pizza a lot of different foods and nutrients. The main thing - do not go beyond their daily calories.

For a short time at a pizza diet had many supporters. However, serious scientific papers proving her favor, yet not.