Compatible whether alcohol and exercise?

How alcohol affects athletic performance and whether it is possible to avoid this - the expert.

Alcohol affects the quality of our body performance during exercise. In particular:

Alcohol dehydrates the body. Alcohol is a diuretic - the buds begin to operate at full capacity. If you remember that during exercise you sweat and lose the active liquid, your body gets severe dehydration, which adversely affects the physical performance. During sports is extremely important to consume adequate amounts of water to ensure good blood flow and the delivery of nutrients to the muscles - for their work, growth and consolidation.

Alcohol interferes with energy production. All spirits are broken down in the liver by blocking its other functions, in particular the production of glucose, which the body needs for energy. After drinking alcohol before exercise, prepare for the fact that during the exercise the body will start to get tired quickly, because the body will try, first of all, to bring all the alcohol and then - to proceed to the production of glucose.

Alcohol dulls the reaction. After drinking alcohol, we feel relaxed - alcohol affects the nervous system, dulling our body's response to external stimuli. As a result, worsening coordination, precision movements, and during sports, these figures are extremely important to maintain at a high level.

If in the evening you allowed yourself to alcohol, and in the morning thought to go to the gym, then your plans can disrupt banal hangover. When the headache and thirst, it is difficult to show good results in the gym. In addition, after drinking alcohol increases the likelihood of seizures: during sports muscles actively cleave glucose, which leads to the release of lactic acid. After drinking the liver, which is to convert the acid into glucose, is busy, primarily cleaning the body from alcohol and toxins therefore not able to timely reduce the level of lactic acid. And it increased the concentration will lead to convulsions, lethargy and fatigue during exercise.

So plan exercise the next day after the party - not the best idea. If you miss a workout does not work, we recommend you to think about the consequences of another during a feast. Limit the amount of alcoholic beverages, a snack is good. Drinking alcohol immediately after exercise is also not worth it - at this point the body restores the water balance, and this is not conducive to alcohol.

What else can be fraught with alcohol:

Weight gain. Alcoholic beverages high in calories, and after a couple of glasses increases the temptation to eat too much. If you exercise to get in shape, but you can not keep track of your eating behavior and is not averse to drink a glass or two - impressive results for reducing weight not wait.

Reducing the intensity of muscle growth. Alcohol can provoke sleep disorders, and during the night, including activated by hormones which are responsible for growth of the muscles in the body. If you aspire to a set of muscle mass, remember this property liquor.

Increased heart rate. While exercising the heart and so is working at full capacity - alcohol increases the heart rate, helping to overload. This effect may persist up to two days after drinking. Think about whether or not to overtax your heart?

How can we combine exercise with the use of alcohol?

If drinking quite a bit and before exercise;

There are up to, and during a party with alcohol. You will be filled, and so will want to drink less. Also, the food, especially rich in carbohydrates, helps to maintain muscle tone, and this is useful to you in training;

Not Quench your thirst with alcohol - drink water first, and only then think about whether you want to order alcohol;

Relish your drink - you get more fun, and drink less;

Do not abuse the spirits, if you are not confident in their abilities. Remember that you can always lower the degree, if you mix alcohol with water or juice;

Come to a party in a car - you will have an excuse to drink.

Not to pour yourself until your glass was empty, otherwise it is possible to drink too much;

Be active - dancing, communicate. So you probably will drink less;

Drink water before going to bed. You make up your body's water balance and reduce the chance of a hangover the next day.

A thoughtful approach and a sense of proportion - are the main secrets of the correct use of alcohol. Remember these simple rules, you will be able to afford to sometimes a little hard liquor and train without any health problems.