How not to get drunk at the banquet table, and what to do with a hangover?

Unpleasant surprises in the form of intoxication can occur with almost every one of us (of course, except for those who do not drink). Let's see, what to do to avoid falling into an awkward situation, and how to deal with the consequences, if it is still happened.

More proactive

1. Drink plain water before, during and after drinking.

2. At least a couple of days before the holidays refrain from alcohol.

3. Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach.

4. Avoid regular trips to the bar after work, it can lead to addiction.

5. Before you drink "for a second", ask yourself: Do I need this?


It is not likely to increase the degree, and that it is not necessary to mix the different groups of the alcohol. A common saying "The wine to beer - a miracle" completely untrue. For splitting each particular group body produces certain enzymes, and not to give it an additional burden, it is better to drink alcohol within the same group:

? Vinogradosoderzhaschie: wine, brandy.
? Malt: beer, whiskey.
? Wheat: some beers, vodka.
? Reed: tequila.


Do not mix alcohol with energy drinks. They increase the pressure, and the combination of them with alcohol can lead to very dire consequences - up to a heart attack. Do not buy ready-made cocktails in the banks - their contents can only guess, and certainly you can be sure that no whiskey, rum and gin in their composition no.

"Dietary" non-caloric and alcoholic beverages does not happen! To think that rum, tequila or vodka with gazirovkoy- "light" you will not get any extra calories - it is a profound mistake. Cocktails are easy to drink and quickly digested through nutritional supplements, but the consequences of this pleasure - "bags" under the eyes and overweight.

If you exceed the permissible norms

While you sleep, your body processes alcohol heavily, ringing the night before. Therefore, the morning blood sugar is usually reduced and there is a feeling of weakness. It is useful to include in its breakfast foods containing grains, proteins, vitamins and antioxidants, which make up for the damage done to your body of alcohol. Recommended to drink on an empty stomach freshly squeezed carrot or orange juice, broth hips or herbal tea with lemon. Drinking plenty of fluids and a hearty breakfast to help the body recover.


Classic breakfast option (bacon and eggs) will help prevent gipogliklikemiyu (a sharp decrease in blood sugar levels). Fatty foods such as bacon or sausage, slows down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. Eggs contain cysteine, a substance that promotes the removal of free radicals. Salads of fresh vegetables, especially tomatoes and peppers, help the body make up the content of vitamins and minerals. Oatmeal or cereals are rich in necessary for you in this hour of B vitamins


Quickly remove the withdrawal can only be a blood transfusion, but it is a radical and expensive process that is required in an emergency.

The only cure for a hangover wholly - this time. However, you can ease some of its symptoms. In order to bring the body of toxins, it is necessary to drink plenty of fluids, as in the usual poisoning. You can drink salt water, so that the liquid is retained in the body, cucumber or cabbage pickle in small portions. And no pickles. Vinegar is superfluous. Good help is alkaline mineral water (salty taste). If not, then a compote of dried fruits, cranberry, cranberry or blackcurrant juice and tea with lemon. You can add honey in acidic beverages. Coffee and strong tea in such situations are harmful because they encourage the already oppressed the nervous system. In addition, caffeine has a diuretic effect, it accelerates the loss of fluids, increasing the body's state of dehydration.

Be sure to eat, even if you have no appetite. Chicken or beef broth, soup, eggs, meat. There's a good hangover recipe salad: finely chopped boiled mutton chop finely, mix with sliced ??pickles, add garlic and fresh herbs. The taste you can add boiled potatoes, crumbled into small cubes. All the ingredients mix and pour the cucumber pickle, or a freshly prepared kvass. Serve chilled.

Help relieve discomfort and a little warm bath and /or douche. In the morning after breakfast, you can take a double daily dose of multivitamins, aspirin.

It is very important to sleep as much as possible. If you can not sleep, take a sedative, better natural (valerian, lemon balm, mint).

What is the danger of a hangover?

On the reduction of blood sugar level, we have already mentioned. In addition, there is a risk of cardiac abnormalities. Sudden unexpected interruptions can develop into acute heart failure. In medicine, there is even a term - "holiday heart syndrome." Therefore, people with heart conditions in holiday time should use caution.