Nutritionists have told how to reduce the caloric content of the New Year's table

Christmas menu, there are no low-calorie, but reduce the amount of calories consumed and prevent overeating and substantial harm to the figure and health under the force of each.

Every housewife strive to put on the holiday table as much as possible dishes. But the main thing is not to overdo it, experts say, because the New Year's menu can not be, by definition, low-calorie, but reduce the amount of fat in the dishes without sacrificing taste is even possible.

"Store mayonnaise - is poison for the liver and stomach, and a slim waist is not conducive to such filling, - says dietician Lyudmila Babich. - Of course, can not do in a traditional Russian salad without mayonnaise, but that makes it pour packs in other salads? And for such traditional dishes like the coat and Olivier, it is possible to choose a reduced-calorie mayonnaise, most importantly read the label to the product consists of natural ingredients. By the way, I share a family secret: we do refueling from a mixture of mayonnaise, even better - low-fat mayonnaise and low-fat (10%) of sour cream. 50 to 50. tastier turns and about half of fat (due to the fact that 65-75% mayonnaise is not used to the full) remains in the pack, and not on the waist. "

Also, the doctor recommends not to give preference to the salad, and sliced ??fresh vegetables. If your table is planned other "non-traditional" salads, try to choose those that can not fill with mayonnaise and olive oil.

It is equally important to choose wisely and a main course.

"Greasy fried spare ribs with potatoes - is not the best choice for New Year's table, especially given the abundance of high-calorie salads and appetizers. For the main course instead of chops, fried pork steaks or chunks of fatty meat on the bone, offer guests a traditional roast goose or roast rabbit. And even better - bake in the oven fish, such as salmon or trout with vegetables. Get a very tasty and unusual, and most importantly - useful! "- Says the doctor.

For garnish you can submit baked root vegetables, grilled vegetables or saute. But potatoes are combined with meat, so even after a cold snack - it's just a "bomb" waiting to happen for the stomach and waist. Try to do without it, says the expert.