8 tips on how to not get better during the Christmas holidays

During the winter holidays are gaining weight almost everything. And if the majority is recovering slightly, some "lucky" can add up to 5 kilos!

The experts have collected 8 effective techniques that will help to minimize the damage and recover during this difficult time for the figure.

Get enough sleep

It is proved that the lack of sleep there is an imbalance of several hormones responsible including appetite and a feeling of fullness, resulting in sleepy people overeat. So do not read books at night without a break and sit at the computer - if the morning do not need to work, it does not mean that a dream can be neglected.

Eat before the meal

All day limit yourself to food before the meal, hoping thereby to compensate for the excesses of the coming - bad idea. Very hungry and, moreover, feeling entitled to everything they want, at the festive table you do not restrict the chicken breast and salad vegetables. Conclusion? 3 hours before the festive meal, a little snack, and in front of her eat an apple and drink a glass of water.

You go visit - volunteered in assistants.

Ask the hostess help in the kitchen (with her consent, of course) try to alleviate some of the dishes. For example, do not add to Olivier mayonnaise and low-fat sour cream or yogurt, not cooked sausage and meat As an option, something non-nutritive can cook at home and bring with them. In both cases, you will know exactly what is on the table is safe for the waist.

While the cook and set the table, chew gum

The logic is simple: in the mouth when chewing gum, you would not want to send the same pair of spoons Olivier, the rest of the baguette crust or a piece of smoked sausage. But listed "stuff" together pull about 300 kcal. If the gum causing your appetite, replace it with slices of fresh crunchy vegetables: you have on hand should profit shelled sticks of carrot and celery stalk.

At the restaurant, order the first

Lunch or dinner in the restaurant, we get from food more fat (an average of 16 g) and recruit an additional 250 kcal. And this often happens with the strong supporters of a healthy lifestyle. Why, instead of grilled fish and light vegetable salad, you suddenly asked to submit pork with fries and a double latte with a piece of cake? Because someone at your table has ordered these dishes. In restaurants, we often eat something for the company. If you want to avoid it - make a reservation first.

Practice selective approach

Festive table waist dangerous for three reasons. Firstly, beautifully decorated dishes excite your appetite more than usual. Secondly, I want to try everything there. Finally, diverse food knocks man confused and it is more difficult to imagine how much or how little he ate. , Check the pre-set table, select a few dishes that are worth the most to solve this problem, and do not touch the other.

Do not start with alcohol.

It's not a drink for the holidays - very few people succeed. Yes nutritionists on this and did not insist. The main thing - to confine a small portion of alcohol and after being eaten. Alcoholic drinks are not only high in calories - they also released the brake. After drinking champagne on an empty stomach, you'll be much worse to control what and how much to put on his plate.


Persuade yourself to do fitness on vacation can not everyone. But you can burn calories fun: skating (325 kcal per hour), skiing (413-472 kcal at low and medium speed) and even sledging - because you will not only move out to the mound, but over and over again rise to it . Do not underestimate the ordinary walks: one hour of brisk walking on rough terrain, and even in winter clothes, you can burn 250-400 calories. On the walk we recommend to take a player. Those who listen to music while walking, marching and more cheerful, and distance are more and lose weight faster than those who are walking in silence.