12 "useful" habits, which are best forgotten

Business Insider reporter Erin Brodvin psevdopoleznyh talks about habits, giving up that you do not lose anything.

1. Work at a table standing

Study conducted in 2015 found no benefits of working while standing. The only plus is that when we are, we have to burn more calories. So, if you want to lose weight, you can continue to work while standing.

2. Use a disposable cover on the toilet seat

Viruses such as HIV or herpes, are very unstable and simply can not survive outside the human body. Yes, and our skin is in itself a sufficiently effective barrier against different microbes. Therefore, even if you sit on the toilet seat in a public toilet, you are unlikely to Catch any disease. Of course, if you have cuts or open wounds, the bacteria may enter the body through the blood.

3. Avoid gluten

Unless you do not belong to the small number of accidents, suffering from celiac disease (celiac disease), gluten unlikely to harm you. Studies have confirmed that the majority of people experience bloating after eating, whether they use grains or not.

4. Afraid microwaves

We have all heard that microwaving food is deprived of nutrients. Fortunately, this is not true. Electromagnetic waves in the microwave oven make the molecules in food to vibrate rapidly, because of what they produce energy and heat up.

Of course, some of the nutrients begin to break down at high temperatures, no matter where we were prepared: in the microwave or on the stove. But because in the microwave oven to cook much more quickly, sometimes nutrients retained even better products therein.

5. Drink almond milk

Recently, various alternatives are gaining popularity cow's milk, especially almond milk. By itself, the almond contains a lot of protein, but they are almost almond milk remains. And all vitamins added thereto during manufacture. So instead of almond milk, you might as well can drink a glass of water.

If you want to find a more useful alternative to cow's milk, try soy milk or milk with lower fat content.

6. Eat some juices

Squeezing the juice from fruits and vegetables, you delete all of them useful dietary fiber, which make us well-fed. The juice remains only the sugar. A diet high in sugar and low in protein leads to a constant feeling of hunger, mood swings and lack of energy. Furthermore, with this diet you can lose muscle mass, because the muscles need protein. So do not hurry to move on a diet of some juices.

7. Use ear candles

method of "treatment" has recently spread, in which the ear is placed in a lighted cone-shaped candle (ear candling). Proponents of this method argue that it helps get rid of cerumen in the ear, and some even claim that it purifies the blood and cure cancer. However, doctors do not recommend to try to imagine this method. It not only benefits, but also can seriously harm: can injure the ear canal and cause burns.

8. Use an antiseptic for hands.

If you regularly wash your hands throughout the day, you do not need an antiseptic. And still he can not kill the same amount of bacteria as a simple soap and water. Some viruses do not fear antiseptic.

9. Avoid products with sodium glutamate

Monosodium glutamate is added to many food to enhance flavor. And it is perfectly safe. Nevertheless, the use of food additives is often associated with the so-called Chinese restaurant syndrome (stiff neck, a feeling of weakness and other symptoms). However, research has proven that he is guilty, rather than sodium glutamate, and simply overeating.

10. Afraid to crackle joints

Until recently, all were confident that crackle joints is very harmful. However, new studies have refuted this belief. Some scientists believe that this is, on the contrary, indicates that sufficient lubrication in the joint.

11. Take a multivitamin

Many people take a multivitamin every day, although it is absolutely no need. Certainly, the body needed vitamins to survive. Without them, the worse the food to digest and can develop diseases such as rickets and scurvy. But we are getting enough vitamins from food, so taking supplements simply do not make sense.

12. Sit down on the detox diet

No special detox you do not need, unless you are poisoned by something. The organism is already an efficient system, which filters out most of the harmful substances falling from the food. It is the liver and kidneys. The kidneys filter blood and excrete waste products and processes liver detoxifies the drug and all the chemicals entering the body.