Folk remedies against colds: which ones are worthy of attention

Today, there are a lot of drugs for the treatment of influenza and SARS. But there are also a large number of folk remedies, which we love to treat these colds. Which of them are worthy of attention, and which are not?

We sometimes think that between the scientific and folk medicine is a certain insurmountable gap. This is not quite true. Many drugs commonly used today have a national origin. And prienitelno to treat colds is especially evident. For example, as drugs used in these infections account not only many fitosbory (sets of herbs) and pills, ointments, solutions, inhalations and other dosage forms containing the extracts of plants used in traditional medicine. Medical effect have the same as that infusions or decoctions of the same grass, but they are easier to use and more comfortable - no long "cast" over them to prepare "potion", it already is in the final form.

The same applies to the popular methods of physical therapy - therapeutic effects through a variety of procedures. Traditionally at the beginning of a cold nose warm offered. To this end, the nose wings for 10-15 minutes. applied hot, or hard-boiled eggs heated bags of salt. Today you can easily buy a home physiotherapy unit, which also feature on the nose, and heated, it has exactly the same effect. However, now it has been placed and a strict scientific basis for such treatment: found that the increase in temperature in the nose improves the antiviral protection. But let's look more closely to some popular folk methods of treating colds and see which ones are effective and which ones - a myth.

Salt and runny

Can salt water to treat a runny nose?

- So do himself for many years, and the patient is recommended, - says Vladimir Tatochenko doctor. - It is necessary to dissolve the salt on the tip of a knife in a half glass of water at room temperature. This acts as good vasoconstrictor drops. Such water perfectly washes and cleanses the nasal cavity, reduces swelling, improves the functioning of cilia. It is really a good tool. It is no coincidence even appeared drugs with sea water in recent years. By their nature, they are similar to the normal salt solution. Of course, it is more convenient. But to prepare a salt solution - a little work.

Vinegar and temperature.

To reduce the temperature advised to lubricate the skin with vinegar under the arms and behind the knees. Should I do that?

- No way, forget the vinegar, there appear the mother, which instead uses vinegar essence, and will burn, - warns Vladimir Tatochenko. - Much better than the usual slightly warm water. And you need to moisten the whole body. Child holding naked in a room without drafts and with normal air temperature to avoid overcooling. You can also use vodka. Treatment is based on the fact that alcohol and water evaporating from the skin, take heat, and thereby reduce the temperature. But I do not mind and classic antipyretics. It is necessary to take them correctly and reduce a really high temperature.

Wild rose and hawthorn

They are really so much vitamin C that they will cure the common cold?

- Hawthorn still longer used for heart problems. Vitamin C in it is not so much as in the wild rose, - said Victor Konishev, MD, a well-known nutrition specialist. - Rosehip really used in the prevention and treatment of colds. But, as vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is easily destroyed at high temperature, infusion of rose hips you need to cook properly. Never fill it with boiling water, infuse it in water having a temperature of about 70 ? C. It is best to pour the hips with such water in a thermos and insist overnight.

Lemon and cold

Fortification of the flu is best done tea with lemon?

- Disappoint, dose of vitamin C in this tea negligible - explains Victor Konishev. - A slice of lemon will give a special flavor, but does not protect against colds and flu. However, it makes the drink taste better and allows you to consume more fluids. Lemon can be added even to the water. And this is important for colds - abundant drink helps to excrete more toxins and facilitate the course of the disease. By the way, a lot of vitamin C in sea buckthorn, black currants, and other citrus fruits in the kiwi. But do not overestimate its importance for colds. The effect of it is very mild.

Garlic and onions

On their usefulness they know everything, but used incorrectly. Do not burn, chewing garlic cloves and whole onions. Finely chop them up and leave for 10-15 minutes. They begin drug synthesis - sulfur compounds are converted to the active form. Only after that can be treated. Ways of reception of such medicines more. You can breathe on them, you can just put on a plate in the patient's room. Breathe pairs very useful for the prevention and healthy. You can eat garlic and onions, smeared with butter on rye bread, or adding in decent quantities in different dishes.

Mustard and viruses.

Use mustard plasters known. But you can pour 1-2 hours. L. mustard powder in woolen socks before going to bed. Or make the night a hot bath with mustard. In the water 45-50 degrees, spread 3-4 tablespoons. l. mustard. Legs keep in the bath for 10-15 min., Then wipe dry, put on wool socks, wrapped in a blanket and sleep. The method is suitable for children and adults. Mustard is effective because it contains a lot of attar and irritants, and they warm the feet.