Scientists: your liver is not known what

On holidays, many of us will eat and drink before bedtime. Such actions may disrupt circadian rhythms feedback loop that synchronizes the body functions with the external environment. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol during the holidays violates the liver, and leads to the emergence of diseases.

The liver, which helps regulate the body's metabolism, suffers from lack of sleep, changes in diet and alcohol consumption. In recent years, more and more research in the field of chronobiology, the science of biological rhythms, according to the importance of maintaining a permanent schedule for the liver, which has its own clock. Circadian rhythm helps the liver to anticipate the needs of the body during the day, such as the accumulation of energy after a meal and rest in sleep.

Recent studies have shown the effect on the circadian rhythms of alcohol. This year, scientists reported that drinking two to four glasses of wine every day for a week changed circadian rhythms and intestinal lining, causing a threat of alcoholic liver disease. This risk refers to any drinking, which is often displace their circadian rhythms more than two hours. Also, scientists reported that people should not work on the night shift for several months or years.

Scientists have conducted a study on mice, in which the proteins found 500 passing through the liver during the day. These proteins ultimately help the liver to filter fat and sugar in blood. When they enter the body for a short time, the liver can fall behind in important processes such as detoxification and digestion.

Holiday liver loops are formed by reaction between sleeping, eating and drinking. Sleep affects the master clock in our brain. Like most of the other organs of the body, the liver is partly governed by these central rhythm. But it also has its own internal clock, which can be affected by food and alcohol. Even short-term changes in sleep or food can affect the liver's ability to contribute to the digestion of fats. Chronic disorders may lead to accumulation of fat in the liver and various diseases such as fatty liver disease, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and even cancer.

To save hours of your liver in the holiday season, you need to avoid extreme behavior, to maintain the circadian rhythm with a regular sleep schedule, going to the morning walk.