Experts told how to maintain a normal weight during the cold period

In winter, the human body quickly puts fat, which is associated with the need to provide the body with heat and stores energy, but to "cheat" the system is quite simple, if you follow the simple rules.

In cold weather, extra weight literally occur "spontaneously" - complain many women sit on a strict diet than your body and cause more damage figure. After the winter the body needs extra calories and vitamins, and the restriction of food only slows metabolism and, therefore, the process of burning calories. In addition, any restriction in food have a negative impact on immunity.

"In cold weather, the body attacks a lot of infections, bacteria and viruses, so do not own hands to weaken the body's defenses. Food in the cold should be regular and balanced, if worried about excess weight, try to minimize its fat content and harmful, not to cut portions or the number of receptions. First of all, it is necessary to limit the sweet, replacing it with honey and dried fruit or candied fruit. Fat meat substitute chicken, and even better - turkey or lean slices of boiled veal. Instead of eating fried potatoes boiled or roasted in their skins, and so on ", - says dietician Lyudmila Babich.

"If the problem of excess weight is very serious, try to completely restrict the white bread and give up for a while from animal oils and too sweet fruit. And once a week to arrange fasting days on apples or green on steamed rice "- says the doctor.

It is important to devote sufficient time sleep - and it is at least 7-8 hours. Those who have little sleep, and appetite is higher, and fat is deposited more quickly.

When cooking, use more spices. They speed up metabolism and promote digestion. And, of course, do not forget to drink a day at least 1.5 liters of pure water, and drink warm herbal tea and green tea blends. Remember that a dehydrated body fat deposited quickly and calories are burned more slowly.