How to protect yourself from influenza viruses? Five tips

The flu virus is "visiting" us every year, and every time suddenly - like a bolt for employees of public utilities. The German word grippen (translated as "seize", "dramatically shrink") could not be better reflects the effect of the virus he caught off guard, destroys the plans cover all around. Status changes in a few hours: in the evening you went early, feeling tired in the morning - the temperature, pain in the whole body and the inability to get out of bed.

If you have the flu, be sure to consult a doctor - he will appoint a suitable antiviral. By itself, the disease does not take place: not so bad flu, as its consequences - from pneumonia to liver disease, meningitis, and toxic and allergic shock. If the virus is on the way, but you, fortunately, have not yet been infected, will help simple but effective measures.

Tip One: Clean - the guarantee of health

Viruses like dust and dirt, they comfortable in this environment. At home and at work during the epidemic is required to conduct daily wet cleaning, wipe the dust, ventilate the room. And, of course, wash your hands as often as possible, and in public places use sanitayzerami - sprays that kill harmful microorganisms, or wipes impregnated with such means.

Tip Two: Mask, I know you

A simple mask of gauze can be made with their own hands or buy at a pharmacy - they are inexpensive. Better stock up in advance, because wearing the same mask can be no longer than 3-4 hours. If the mask has become wet, it must also be replaced. Wash the mask is not necessary - not all viruses that are deposited on the tissue removed during the wash cycle, no matter what the producers of washing machines.

Tip Three: Strengthen health.

Sports and outdoor walks in the vestibule of the epidemic - your best friends. Of course, the benefits of group classes in fitness in this case is debatable. On the one hand, it strengthens the body, on the other - increases the chances of being infected by other participants in the training. But go to the pool should make it a rule or jogging.

Tip Four: immunostimulants

Drugs that stimulate the immune system, it is very relevant when the epidemic is on the threshold. It is impossible to say for sure which is better, and antiviral agents which effectively strengthen the immune system - a lot depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and the characteristics of the virus strain.

Good results in the prevention of influenza showed groprinozin. It stimulates the production of interferon and cytokines, substances that are responsible for the immune response to a viral attack. The drug activates innate immunity, with no effect on other systems. Side effects are rare groprinozina, contraindications minimum. By the way, a means of helping the sick and influenza or SARS disease to move quickly and without complications.

Tip Five: smile and fall in love

Of course, such a medical card can not write, but it really works. It is proved that optimists are less likely to get sick, and increases the immune system in a state of love and activated all the hidden reserves of the organism.

What does not help

Now vaccinated against influenza does not make sense - too late. Vaccinations need to be done in the fall, so that the immune system has had time to fully form before the start of the epidemic.

Useless for the flu and antibiotics - they do not help viral infections. Traditional methods and popular media such as oxolinic ointment do not work - scientists have proved it. Moisturize the mucous membrane of the nose is really useful, but to deal with that and the usual fat cream or Vaseline.