Created a tablet from hemophilia

Hemophilia is an inherited disease in which blood clotting is disturbed. The anomaly is based on a mutation in X-chromosome (it is one of the proteins deficiency - VIII factor or factor IX), therefore, tend to suffer from hemophilia men. The most common form of the disease is replacement therapy - with the patient serum injections do with the missing protein.

Since the injection rate is high (several times a week), and the procedure is painful, scientists are looking for simplified ways to deliver the drug. So it can be the oral route, but existing gelatin capsules are unstable to gastric juice (particularly pepsin) - as a result of protein released earlier than necessary. The purpose of the drug is the small intestine, the main function of which - the absorption of substances in the blood.

In the new work, scientists from the University of Texas at Austin and other institutions have developed a capsule that is resistant to pepsin, but degraded by the neutral pH of the intestine and trypsin - an enzyme that breaks down proteins and peptides. Served as material for capsules hydrogel based on polymethacrylic acid (PMAA) with polyethylene glycol (PEG), it was placed in the serum with the factor IX - observed deficiency in hemophilia B-type.

The new capsule was tested on Caco2 and HT29-MTX human cell lines (used to test the absorbability of drugs). The results showed that the capsule volume increases the absorbability of factor IX intestinal walls and the amount entering the blood. According to the authors, two of these capsules can replace a serum injection. Now they are preparing for the test capsule on animals, humans and the approval of the authorities of the method.