Named three main components of dietary hot beverage

Nutritionists from the UK named the three main ingredients for a hot winter drink that it is necessary to include in the diet. After all, he will not only keep warm in the colder months, but also lose weight.

For many people trying to lose weight turned into an endless war with its own weight and force of will, which does not lead to any results. Especially hard to fight this battle in the New Year holidays with their endless feasts and temptations. But there is one very simple way to keep weight under control, while enjoying the warm winter drink. This requires three ingredients, which are probably already in each kitchen.

in the field of nutrition experts believe that the use of lemon, honey and cinnamon with warm water can successfully get rid of excess weight. All three components have a lot of health benefits, especially in terms of the normalization of digestion. Cinnamon is used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, this spice has anti-inflammatory properties, it is rich in antioxidants.

There is evidence that it reduces cholesterol levels in the second type of diabetes victims. Honey also has antibacterial properties, and many people find it much more useful alternative to sugar. Finally, the lemon is full of beneficial vitamins that maintain health.

But the main reason why this combination allows you to get rid of excess weight so effective is its ability to be a sweet and warm alternative to the traditional is not the most useful to the waist drinks. This combination does not swell and does not increase the visual volume of the abdomen.