How to get rid of corns on the sole

Corns - a hardened skin on the foot, provoking pain and discomfort when walking. In addition, such a problem can threaten flat-footed, and therefore a violation of posture, so it is necessary to get rid of keratinized growths.

Consider a variety of ways to treat corns on the sole at home that will suit everyone.

The reasons for the formation of corns

Wearing very high heels. In this case, the calluses formed in the metatarsal region (closer to the fingers). The entire load is precisely on this portion of the sole, and the skin at this place is sealed.

Hit in the shoes of small debris, stones. It is not just the cause of corns, and calluses - painful dead skin areas, which threaten to break and obrazovaninem wounds.

Poor quality shoe lasts. Cheap shoes is bad in that it blocks not performed on the patterns, and "by eye". Due to this - from foot problems, including the formation of corns. The same is due to deformation of the insole.

Wearing socks (tights) is too large. Excess fabric will begin to crumple and interfere with walking, causing rough growths on the feet.

Before you get rid of corns on the soles of the feet, the reasons should be eliminated, because of which they were formed. Those. it is necessary to revise all my shoes, insoles replace it or buy better shoes with low heels, if necessary.

Treatment options:

- Pedicure;
- Innovative methods: laser and cryosurgery;
- ethnoscience.

The expediency of the first two methods determined by the physician. If only there were corns and yet do not create pain, then they could easily cope master pedicure. Special device will perform a hard procedure which will allow to soften the skin on the soles.

Many people wonder how to remove the rough and painful corns. The laser and cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen), just the same applies for complications when the problem can not be solved at home. Mini-operations are performed in the clinic or beauty salon medical specialist.

Traditional medicine

Treatment of corns on the sole of folk remedies is appropriate only when the problem is cosmetic. If it is painful and bleeding blisters, it can not do without professional assistance.


Corns - a hardened seal, so the first thing to do is to try to soften them.

With the smelling salts

The easiest recipe of the bath as follows: in 2 liters of hot water dissolve 1 tbsp soda, ammonia and grated soap. Hover legs in a bowl for 30 minutes, after which the process pumice.

With serum

Another good recipe: 2 liters of whey warmed in a water bath or in a microwave oven. Hold the foot in a basin and 30 minutes, after which the process pumice stone and apply the ointment glycerol.

With table salt

If the house did not have any serum or ammonia, can make an ordinary salt bath. Proportion: 1 tbsp salt (with slide) for 1 liter of water.


Another effective remedy for corns - it compresses. Consider some recipes.

With grated onion

Onions contains unique acid and essential oils, which are able to soften the dense growths of dead cells. To compress you need to grate the onion, distribute it to the cheesecloth (1-2 layers) and attach to the corns on the night places. Foot wrap film and put on socks. In the morning everything is removed, rinsed with warm water feet, processed pumice and lubricated with any cream.

With vegetable oil

Socks from x /cotton fabric is necessary to moisten with oil of plant origin (olive, sunflower, corn, etc.). Wear clean dry socks on his feet, top to tie the polyethylene film. You can leave a compress for the night or the like on the floor for 2-3 hours (with breaks, of course). After removing all the same: wash, rub a pumice stone, put the cream.

With aloe

Fresh leaves of aloe, plucked from the bottom of the stalk, cut lengthwise and attach to the corns strapped film. Top wear wool socks. Leave overnight.

How to display corns using compresses? Very simple. It is necessary to carry out the procedure for 10 days continuously, do not forget about comfortable shoes and low heel.


In between baths and compresses can be lubricated with special ointments against foot corns.

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon vinegar; 1 tablespoon vegetable oils; 1 egg.

All mix thoroughly, to shift into a jar with a lid and put into the refrigerator for 12 hours. During this time it formed a white ointment.

Use it only after steaming stop causing agent under the bandage at night. In the morning wash, but do not use a pumice stone. After 5-7 procedures corns become smaller, and then completely disappear.

Corns with a rod

The core of the root is called callosities, which can be seen with the naked eye. It is located in the middle of the seal and goes deep into the skin.

When you click it the rod causes pain, because it is very hard and presses on the nerve endings. Treatment of corns with a rod on the soles requires not only soften the skin and remove her calloused areas, but also the destruction of the root.

To do this, we need more drastic methods.

Tray is as follows: 2 l of water is taken 2 tablespoons mustard powder. After steaming gently rub calluses with a pumice stone core, removing the upper layers of the skin. So do a few days, until the rod is not completely erased.

Compress cooked in milk prunes also helps get rid of the rod.

Good acts and lotions from shredded pork fat with garlic. The aroma is a specific, but very effective tool.

At night, well applied to the rod corns crust of black bread soaked in vinegar.