Scientists describe the ideal number of sex partners in

The question of how much a person should ideally be a sexual partner for life, excites many. As it turned out, the researchers also asked them: Researchers from the UK have established a "barrier acceptability" in regard to sexual partners.

Employees acting in London Superdrug Online Doctor virtual pharmacy network conducted a survey in which participants, men and women of steel. Representatives of the two sexes were asked to say what they think about this or that number of sexual partners in one person.

The survey found that men and women have different ideas about "the threshold of the norm." Thus, according to the authors, women characterized by the number of sexual partners "15 and over" as promiscuity. But the men did not share this opinion, believing that "up to 14 - is acceptable."

Commenting on the controversy, the experts expressed that this result only confirms the known trends in sexual life. Men tend to overestimate the number of their sexual adventures, and women - to diminish, reminded sociologists. These tendencies, in their view, reflected in the results obtained.

"Our respondents considered an ideal amount of not more than 7-8 partners in their lifetime. Those who are quite happy with the amount of not more than two respondents named partners' sexual conservatives "- told the authors of the project.