10 popular beauty treatments that can turn into a nightmare

Many popular treatments that we do at home, it is better left to professionals. Each of us has ever happened annoying failures associated with incorrect self-care. Do not repeat these mistakes!

1. cuticle cutting

It would seem that may be easier - to trim the cuticles. In fact, this is not a procedure which is to make the most, if you are not sure of their own professionalism. Cutting off the cuticle clippers, you need to have a certain technique to the skin, which you seem to have removed "at zero", did not start to grow pieces of a couple of days. In addition, if it is wrong to cut off the cuticle, it can affect the quality of the nail, and even cause the appearance of furrows on the nail plate.

2. Facial Cleansing electric toothbrush

Electric brushes for cleaning person has recently become incredibly popular. "Wow-effect", which you get after using the brush, can turn against you. The fact is that if the skin there is some inflammation and acne, the "clean" these problem areas is by no means impossible - there is a huge risk to spread the "muck" over the entire face, and then to deal with a disaster at the cosmetician. Conclusion: with the brush must be very careful, it is not suitable for problem skin.

3. clarification of hair

So, come the same day. You decide. Become a blonde. At home. Herself. Downloads bleach, revered instruction. This is good to stop and remove the paint somewhere far away and join the salon to experienced master But no! About the results we all know: overheated yellow hair, hysterical, going to the store in a knitted hat - for darker paint, because this mess need to somehow hide!


Home peeling - a very risky undertaking, and it will tell you any cosmetologist. The fact that this procedure - chemical effect always and must be carefully choose the composition, skin type, respectively. Are you sure that you get? The result of improper peeling can be redness, peeling, and even burns. That is why we would not advise to carry out this procedure at home. Still, we are talking about your face!

5. Natural mask

The mask of strawberries, cream, cherry, honey, oatmeal and God knows from what What is found in the kitchen, and then struck on the face. Before you make a life-mask, make sure you are not allergic, or instead of smooth and refreshed skin get itching and swelling.

6. HOME waxing

Interestingly, there is light at least one girl who managed to hold waxing at home without injuries and tears? Burns too hot by means of adhering to the skin of wax, which does not scour (actually it can be removed with sunflower oil), and spoiled as a result of a date We'll have to stay at home! Also, if hairs tear in the wrong direction, they begin to grow, and this situation is not too pleasant.


Pedicure - it's not at all easy. It should be able to. And it's not only that you have to sit for a long time, bent double, and try to treat the nails beautifully. The hardest part of pedicure - to remove the horny layer of the skin so as not to "grind" the heel, and then difficult for them to advance. Excessive persistence ends with cracks and new calluses. If we decide to bring the legs in order on their own, then hide away all the hard nail files, opt for the most gentle.

8. plucking eyebrows

Slightly povyschipyvat excess hair - do not worry, it's not dangerous. But attempts to give yourself a new form of eyebrows always hear, always end very, very badly! At best, you have to go to the master and redo everything, and at worst - to wait until it grows back all, what are you so confident dealt.

9. Scrubbing

The same story as with the brushes. Many girls just love scrubs - domestic, on the basis of coffee or sugar or ready-made. Alas, the scrub can be used not for everyone - the desire to clean the skin can result in the opposite effect, even for small inflammations cleaning scrub - a major irritant. Alas, this procedure is only suitable for a perfectly clean skin.

10. Strengthening of hair with henna

For some reason it is considered that the henna - a very useful product for the hair. In fact, it has no nutritional benefits, but really glues the scales of the hair, making them more brilliant. In doing so, the hair is more dense, dry, and therefore brittle. So, if you want to get split ends, continue to "strengthen" his hair this way.