For normal operation of the immune system must be cleansed of parasites

It is very difficult in today's environment to lead a healthy lifestyle. Especially if you live in a big city, often using public transportation, shake hands during a meeting with colleagues and friends and exchanging banknotes in shops with vendors. At such moments on your palms are millions of microscopic parasites and their larvae. It should be added that pets also bring a lot of street parasites such as mites and insects that carry the larvae of pests. In the summer particularly easily infected by eating unwashed fruit or sipping water in the forest source.

Symptoms of parasites in the body is extremely easy to find - it is a chronic allergy and rashes on the skin and watery eyes; frequent colds and nasal congestion; constant fatigue, pain in joints and muscles, and nervous behavior. Address to the doctor in such cases does not always help. Prescribed antibiotics only will have a deleterious effect on the liver. First, check the body for parasites - perhaps precisely because of them, you have begun problems with the body, which has never happened before.

Strengthening immunity

Pledge of successful pest control - a strong immune system and additional tools that enhance the body's resistance. One of these assistants is Intoxic , Which had a powerful impact to assess people in developed countries who use this drug for several years. The structure Intoxic are exclusively medicinal plants, which are hand-picked in ecologically clean regions: Sumac fruit juice helps to remove worms and get rid of putrefaction in the intestine; Ferrule Junggar save you from disease-causing viruses, fungi and bacteria; Bear bile breaks down and painlessly removes from the body of parasites eggs and synergy of 20 kinds of herbs to restore the protection of internal organs and strengthen immunity.

Intoxic completely relieve you of parasites in just one course of treatment is also due to the content of tannins, securely destroy parasites. In addition, the facility will strengthen the organs such as the heart, liver, lungs, suffered from the effects of harmful microorganisms. If you do not reflect on the need to destroy fungi and bacteria, then slowly destroying the body get used to live with poor health on a regular basis. Only we are personally responsible for the health of your body and the more attention do ourselves - birthmark, the more comfortable we live.

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Prepared by Alexey Stepanov