Doctors told how to be treated

The main rule of any cases of influenza - drinking plenty of fluids and bed rest, strict compliance with all recommendations of the doctor and the exclusion from the diet, harmful and heavy food, the doctor told Victoria Savitskaya.

According to him, transfer the flu n the legs is very dangerous, not to mention the fact that you yourself become a source of infection and can infect your friends or colleagues.

"Now it is a very dangerous time, as the number of cases of influenza is growing every day, and epidporog exceeded in most regions of the country. Because of their health should be treated very carefully, and when the first signs of illness to seek medical advice and stay at home until they are cured. Firstly, in order to avoid the consequences of the disease, and secondly, not to contaminate the surrounding "- warns physician.

The expert insisted on the fact that professional advice is mandatory. Engage in self-activity can not be the flu, because everyone knows that this disease is dangerous for its effects, rather than the disease. A majority of patients who do prescribe medicine itself, often "treat" only the symptoms.

During the illness takes a lot of hot drinks, fruit drinks, warm alkaline "mineral water". Excellent support the body and soothe the throat a little tea with sage, echinacea, raspberry.

The patient should sleep in a separate room, and as little as possible to communicate with their "home", to reduce the chances of infection. The room in which the sick person should be regularly aired, and its cups and plates washed with disinfectant.

During the treatment process, it is important to adhere to a special diet. Food for the patient is better to choose a mild and warm. The basis of the diet - hot soups and broths, and of course vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. When body temperature is raised, I would recommend to eat more cereals, jelly (not from a bag, and homemade, preferably cranberry or cranberry), low-fat soups. "Any fried, salty and spicy food in the period of the disease fall under the ban, as such products irritate already inflamed mucosa and airway edema after their use may increase", - the doctor advises.

It is required in the diet of berries, fruits, vegetables and herbs. The majority of citrus, contrary to popular belief, during the flu do not go to the benefit. The fact that the oranges, lemons, tangerines enhance mucosal edema. Not recommended and grapes, as it contains a lot of glucose, and this is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria to grow.

One more important thing - drinking hot tea, from which as much as "driving" the throat, against the advice of our grandmothers, it is not necessary. The mucosa is very sensitive, and you it literally burn, than just aggravate the situation.